Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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One Love? Negative Love.
So basically I was a new Employee at a place known as "Raising Canes", it was my first time ever working in the food industry. During the time period I was still under training process when I got fired! Boss contact me and had me come in the morning discussing they have to let me go cause I didn't finish my training . Which I explained to him that the other person in charge who is suppose to help me with these types of things just kept putting me on lobby/expo. So then the guy firing me goes on to say "well it looks like you are struggling , and you spell some name wrong on the cashier". I'm here looking at him with disbelief since people spell names wrong all the time due to some people have strange name. This girl their even once forgot to put a name down so I had to call out the whole order as what it was!
Even so I was basically fired cause it look like I was struggling.
The company slogan is "one love" yet they treated me poorly, they would leave me alone in lobby during rush hour, would barely help when I asked for it. And would barely teach me anything when I asked how to do certain things. They just give me that look like "you should know everything". It was mess up but I had really needed the job. Now I'm out of a job due to a dumb reason.

Meetings Stink
I had a coworker who showed up 15 minutes late for a safety meeting. After closing the door he paused, held up one finger and farted very loudly. The room smelled terrible for the rest of the meeting. After the meeting our supervisor asked to speak with him and I never saw him at work again.

Sent home???
Well, I had already been having a bad day when my boss decided to send me home early...AGAIN! Well, I needed money...I have bills to pay and I am behind. He does this to me all the time even though we've talked about getting more hours several times. I have always been a good worker (even though I've only been there 5 months) I do half the other employees work as well as my own,and I'm always on time. But, once again he decided to send me home early and cut back my hours so other people who don't work as hard could get some. Needless to say, I blew up. I cussed him out in front of customers. It's not like I planned for that to happen...I just got so stressed and in the moment...

Fired while hospitalized
My friend was terminated by a hand delivered letter while hospitalized and attached to a hemodialysis machine.

Kicked to the curb
Well, after 4 years of working for a global company, I was given the boot. Why? Well, they wanted me to produce quality work. Quality work meaning sacrificing breaks and lunch to get things done. I don't have a problem with working towards meeting goals. However, I do have a problem when a job takes over your life. I have missed several parent/teacher conferences, not attending to my parents' illnesses because of the job (it was like working at a sweat shop, it was frowned upon going to the bathroom or breaks when there is a heap full of work to be done). Another problem I had was boredom. I was a college grad and I felt I should have been doing a lot more diversified duties, instead of doing the the redundant tasks. Coupled with other personal issues at home it equaled to a recipe of disaster. Twice I was put on probation but I was not able to improve because of the constant stress. So, thirty minutes after arriving to begin my shift I was ushered into a conference room where I was met with the HR rep. Uh oh, not good. My former supervisor rattled off notes from our past meetings regarding improving my performance and dropped the final bombshell: Your employment with XXX Corporation is terminated effective immediately. Now, I wasn't sure if my former supervisor or HR person expected a strong reaction from me or what, but I took it calmly in stride. Truth be told, I felt a wash of relief flood over me. During my tenure with the company I have been unsuccessfully searching for a better job, one which allowed me to go home on time daily with some overtime. Not daily overtime (and straight time at that!) So finally being let go was more of a blessing than a curse. I went back to my desk, cleared most of my belongings, turned in my badges and said goodbye to my coworkers after "living" with them for 4 years.

With my box in my hand full of junk, I went downstairs and into the company hired car that took me home. I fully expected to be escorted out by security and dumped on the street! Hey, it's not everyday I get a company car to take me home! The one thing that job has taught me was how to be patient and not frazzled under pressure. Something I can put to use in my next job!

Frazzled No More
My story starts about two weeks ago. Going from Monday until Wednesday, I had been overworked due in large part to the fact that my co-workers mainly sat on their butts while I took care of a majority of the duties of that particular shift. Not only that, but the manager decided to throw a few extra tasks my way. Needless to say, I was frazzled and I couldn't wait for Thursday to come so I could work with someone who actually did her job.

To make a long story short: I was fired the following Monday for "misconduct," as a co-worker had complained about me behind my back. No one respected me enough to talk to me about the issue. Not my co-worker. Not the manager. Not even the head honcho. So, three days after my one-year anniversary (when I was supposed to get a raise), I was let go by the company.

So much for the fairness I'd heard so much about.

Fired for being too ambitious
I was a game tester at a major software publishing company. Well, after 2 years there, I had acquired on my own, a major US license for a video game. I had worked my way up the chain of command asking who to talk to to offer the license to them first, like their policy said I had to. Well, one morning, I sent an email to the people I had been emailing for 3 weeks before the Game Developers Conference was going to occur. I had decided to include my QA Manager in the CC. Well, a few hours later, I was in a meeting with my QA Manager and was told I was too demanding and I was fired for conflict of interest for working on a game outside of their company when all I had done was acquire a license and offered it to them. It's ok. I eventually lost the license, had 5 minutes of fame and I continue with my creative projects... but they didn't have to be such, well you know...

what a baby
i had gotten pregnant, and i told my boss i needed the next day off for a doctors appointment, about 2 or 3 weeks later my boss had told me"this just isnt working out, we might have a job for you after your pregnancy" i wasn't sick, i wasn't late and i didn't miss work, what a jerk, right?

Won Court Case Still Fired
Boston University admitted to violating my FMLA rights and two Federal Judges entered judgement against B.U. Their attorney Larry Elswit refuses to re-instate me and my attorneys took their fees and split. Even though I am an Alumni, BU has a NO Trespass order because their attorney doesn't want me to use the gym!

Having just relocated From Key West to close to the Canadian Border, I took a job in Central Services at a local hospital. All the long term women in the dept. warned me about"shirley". She was a woman who if she threw her purse after arriving at work, well you had better stay out of her way! well, one night Shirley thought I had already gone home. I walked around a corner to see her lounging in a chair reading and eating chips. She jumped up yelling and screaming at me. The more I tryed to communicate with her the madder she seemed. Then she picked up a large pair of scissors and chased me into a office . After locking the door i listened for the elevator as she had screamed she was going for the security guard. We were very isolated as the hospital had recently expanded and the wing i was in was now emplty except for our dept. When I heard the elevator doors shutting I ran for the stairs. The next morning I reported her to human resources, as I knew our boss would do nothing. The older women warned me against this, but I explained we had to stand up against shirley's dangerous and threatening behaviors. Needless to say I was called into HR and fired withing days. And Shirley is still there threatening and abusing. At this point i have to think what a wimpy boss and crappy HR depart, and I am so happy to be out of there. It was a truely disfunctional enviroment made possible by superiors tolerating it.
Needless to say I am now packing and heading back East!

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