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i needed the money
a friend of mine was working in a local garage 4 around a week for 7 days he was stealing money out of the till on the 7th day his co-worker set up his camera phone to catch out the theif. he was caught and fired and had a court summens :D

I had been working for Zaxby's for over a year and i was the only employee that had remained at that particular store since the opening. I never received a raise and people who had been there for less than a month were receiving raises. The managers where plotting to get rid of me seeing as how i was there from the jump. They couldn't pin anything on me until we had a mystery shopper. I supposedly did not smile and i was blamed for every thing that i was wrong with the restaurant i was fired the next day. I had sacrificed everything for those people. Worked late nights, closed the store alone, rushed in to work during the day even though i was a night cashier. one day i even recieved a speeding ticket heading to work because they'd call me in. On top of all that they took away our discount and they would not let us take the left over food home. If you were caught with leftover food they'd fire you for stealing. Advice: do not work for Zaxby's because you will be mistreated and they are an unprofessional company full of drama, back stabbing, and stealing.

Camp Crystal Lake?
I worked at a parks and recreation camp this past summer. My supervisor, whom, I'm fairly sure had some sort of mental handicap (I'm being serious, really not trying to be mean) had this habit of walking into a situation having no idea what was going on and chewing out counselors or of blatantly undermining counselors to the kids. He also had this habit of singling me out, often in front of campers. At first I thought I was just being paranoid until two other counselors asked me if I had noticed that he always seemed to pick on me. Such as, he once yelled at me for texting during camp. Thing is, all of the counselors (me included) had been doing so the whole summer. He told me to put my phone in the office, then walked past two other counselors who both had their cell phones out, mid text, and didn't say a word. The worst part about that instance was that, at the time, I wasn't even texting, I was checking the time. Still, the job was just a summer thing and it payed pretty well, so I decided I'd stick it out.

Until... until three days before the end of camp while the kids were changing after going to the pool, one camper approached us to tell us that someone had spilled red slushie on his t-shirt. Since all of the kids were supposed to receive a camp t-shirt anyway, and he hadn't gotten his yet, we decided to fork one over early. But the counselors could only find one adult medium t-shirt. So we asked the supervisor if he knew where the box of shirts had gone, who, given, was occupied dealing with a minor fender bender in the parking lot. He said he'd go check the (locked) closet where they had been before, but when he went to look, he never came back. One of the other counselors went to find him and found him back in the parking lot.

She asked him if she could just borrow the key to the closet and look herself and he told her to wait.

Ten minutes later, while this poor kid was standing there shivering without his shirt, another counselor and myself went to ask him again. He said (in a snitty tone) that he had asked his assistant and there were no more kids sizes. The other counselor walked back in, grumpy at his tone, so I asked him if we could have the adult medium that he had in his hand from before. He ignored me so I told him that this poor kid was cold. Instead of just handing me the shirt he walked into the building with me... and still didn't give the kid his shirt. Finally, I said that we really just needed the shirt, and that he could get on with what he was doing if we could just have it.

And... he turned around and started yelling at me IN FRONT OF THE CAMPERS about how he was trying to deal with the fender bender and how I should just leave him alone. So I said that the kid had been standing there for almost half an hour without a shirt and that we couldn't serve snack until he had his clothes on. And he actually had the nerve to tell me to "cool it," and throw the shirt at me and storm off.

I sat down to cool off before I told him I'd quit (why make things worse by yelling back?). Then, after a couple of minutes, I walked into his office and told him I'd need my time sheet because I wouldn't be coming back. So he tried to apologize. Except that when I told him that I accepted his apology, but would still be quitting, he turned it all around and told me that it was all my fault. Later I found out that he wasn't even going to apologize except that another counselor had told him he should.

So, there went my summer job. Three days til the end of camp. And, nearly two months later, I still haven't gotten my last paycheck despite repeated calls to the main office (who won't return my calls)

cheese to the face
two of my friends from work at a buger king were getting in alot of fights. they got separated from working in the kitchen to one working the register and one working in the kitchen. my friend on the register, lets call him frank, was taking an order. my freind in the kitchen, lets call him bob, was behind him with a peice of cheese. bob threw the cheese at frank as he leaned over to get some bbq sauce from under the counter and hit the customer right in the face. they were both fired.

i slipped
one time i was working at a mcdonalds when i was about 15. long story short, some people were playing with the ketchup and mustard guns they have in the kitchen area. i slipped on some ketchup and broke my ankle. they fired me because they had to pay the medical bills

hamburger chucking
When I was eighteen, I got my first job at wendy's. After a year,they decided to shake up managment, and started rotating new managers in and out. Now, I was only an hourly employee, but I was the 'shift leader' because I'd been there for a while. So, on the Fourth of July, I get called in to work a manager shift (ten hours) when I'd already requested the day off because I had plans with my family. So when I come in I'm not in a good mood. Everyone else is out back smoking their ciggerettes (I was the only non smoker at the time)
so I was inside running the whole store.
Then this fat lady comes in, and I'm not joking. One of those ladies who looks like pigs are fighting in her pants for legs and wears a spare tire the size of texas like a badge of honor.
She ordered a double stack, no onions, so I make her one. She brings it back, claiming she can taste onions.
I make another, and she brings it back again! I keep doing this about four more times, before I lost it.

I chucked the cheeseburger at her head, turned around, flipped off my boss, and walked out. :)

Very satisfying.

Tried to pull a quick one on me
So I started my first job when I was 17, and began working at a BP station near my house. To set the mood of the story, you need to understand the store I worked in: My bosses were Chinese and were very bad at speaking English, and on top of that were extremely impatient and unwilling to teach me anything. The store was perpetually scorching hot with no fans, and I started during the summer. I got paid minimum wage and in my first week worked 5 days, 3 in a row.

So needless to say, it was a crap job. I was getting paid crap, and I didnt like it. Regardless, I was excited about having a new job.

Long story short: Due to my bosses' impatience in training me, I couldn't learn how to do a lot of things (I only worked there 3 days, mind you), I hated the job, my bosses didn't like me and I didn't like them. Regardless, I came in early, worked hard, and wanted to succeeded.

Then 3 days later a co-worker who I knew called me and told me the bosses were going to work me that weekend (doing their dirty work) and then not work me again, because I was too nervous and because I supposedly stole a drink. Needless to say, I didn't go in that day, or ever again.

It should be noted that a guy who started the same day as me quit the next day, and they have been unable to hold anyone for more than a couple of weeks, aside from my friend, who lasted a month.

puppy kennels are evil
so basically i was cleaning out the kennels as always at the pet store i work at. as i was putting in a crate that was clean i kinda just let fall into the kennel. Instead of just going in it hit the window and it shattered. I got fired a week after. They told me it was because i didnt close the store the right way...but id only closed 5 times and it was with another girl. so she shoulda been fired too if that was the case. but dont go to pet stores. go to rescue shelters or humane societys. most of the time puppys at stores are from puppy mills and they and the mothers are not treated right...

greedy boss
my boss paid me a minimum wage at the same time he pushed you. one afternoon i left a minute earlear and got instantly fired without warning

my co worker was fired when he was working in a indian restrount because he didn't like doing his indian acent

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