Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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no more kfc
ok so i was...underline WAS an employee at KFC...kentucky fried chicken...and of course i wasnt happy about parents made me work there even though i am a vegitarian! then i heard about how kfc mutates their chickens and once i stood up on the counter and started screaming for no reason...once i had there attention i started saying " kfc mutates there chickens and it's horrible to eat them!...then a few cuss words=]" i bet u can guess i wasnt working there anymore =]

Fired for clumsiness! Xp
I worked at this little cafe for the longest time as a waitress. It was the kind where you roller-skate around instead of just walking. Well, one day I was serving this guy and his girlfriend some coffee, and I accidentally tripped and spilled scortching hot coffee all over this guys lap. His girl cussed me out and they stromed out without paying. =p They didn't even leave a tip.

i just started workin at joyce mayne in Rutherford NSW Australia and i was a cashier and so i brought these stamps so i could give them to the cute kids but the stamp would work so i got a peice of paper and had a few goes till it started working again... as it turned out the peice of paper i used was a letter for the boss not really important just asking for some free stuff for a raffle and he thought it was imature of me so he advertised interviewed and hired someopne for my job then the next day told me to sign a for not really knowing what it was then the next day fired me the new girl started no the monday

I loved her
Well once I worked at Burger King and there was this other employee that was really attractive and I had a crush on her. So one day we went to the back to talk and all of the sudden we were making out really hard. I loved that momment. After 20 minutes of making out, we decided to get back on our job. As we opened the door, the boss was standing there looking at us, and we both never saw him again. We still made love after that

me and another person just got hired at the local movie theatre 1 day while working the manager told the other person to clean the parking lot well he didnt like this very much so he got in his car and left we now hold the myth that he exploded cuz we found a pair of shoes and coffee grounds all over the bathroom sad he only worked there 2 days

Going home early
i work at a movie theatre and was trashing theatres/cleaning with 3 other people it wasnt very busy so the manger asked if wanted to go home i was like yeah sure why not well that manager never told the other manger who just walked in that i was leaving early i got a call about an hour later asking why i left work when i tryed to tell her i was let off early she told me that no one said i could leave and was fired

Gotta show up
I work at a local quality pizza place where the food is always good, but the employees...need work sometimes. We've been understaffed because one of the girls is out with a bad back and one of the guys quit. Well there's one other guy who worked there who was always worrying about everyone else was doing. For awhile he was feeling under the weather and went to the doctor. Turns out he had a lung infection. So he was gone for awhile, but he didn't come in when he was scheduled after he was okay to work again! After a day he calls--turns out he was in the ER with appendicitis! He came into work before he was ready, took off more time, then finally came back to work. Until the Fourth of July. A big business day, and he just decided not to come in, or so we thought. Thursday he calls--he was arrested. Well he says he can't make it in until Monday because his car was impounded. Our manager said that wasn't going to fly. He had to find a way in period. Well he didn't show up on Friday so he lost his job. A couple weeks later, another girl failed to show up. Needless to say, she's gone too. Fortunately we've got people to replace them! Remember guys, you want to keep your job--show up!

Abercrombie & B!ch
Well, I was working at Abercrombie and Fitch, and I was a cashier. So their was a coustomer who had bought a polo, and it was odvious that it had been worn, and she was arguing with me and trying to make me take back the shirt, I got so mad and I got the shirt from her, got another one off the rack, threw it at her and said, "There you go, f**king b!tch!" That very second I was fired.

The Lemonade Stand
I was holding a lemonade stand and I got five of my friends to help me. Everyone was wanting refunds and I didn't know why. Apparently, the friend who was making it was caught (by me) putting salt instead of sugar. You can guess what happened to her.

bathroom break!
i was on my bathroom break and employees were only alowed 3 minutes for a bathroom break. so one day i was really not feeling so well and i was on the toilet for 4 minutes and when i came out of the bathroom the boss was there waiting for me to come out and the next thing i knew i was fired because i was on my bathroom break to long!!!!!!

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