Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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m&m story
I am the Manager of a large M%M factory. As I was walking around supervising the other employees, i noticed a new person i had just hired. She was about 25 years old and was working at the place where you check for defaulty M&Ms. i caught her looking at many M&Ms, and throwing them away. when i looked closer, i noticed she was throwing away the ones that were upside down, thinking they were marked with Ws!! She was fired immediatley. She cost the factory alot of money!

Fired from Wendys? Is that possible?
Well, this happened in 2007 around Easter. I was working at Wendys in a town that I had to drive at least 20 minutes to get to. Basically, I called off on Easter Sunday, because my dad was in the hospital. Anyways, when I come back in the next day, I have a write up waiting for me. And I find that ridiculous. So, I argue for a minute with my manager, then I go over to the drive thru window to take an order. Aparently, me walking away was the WRONG thing to do, because she walked over and started yelling at me some more. SO loudly, in fact, I am impeded from hearing what the customer is ordering. So, I have to keep asking him to repeat himself. Well, my manager didn't like that and sent me home. The next day I came in, only to find out that I was fired. My fault? I don't think so!

the best job.. ever !
well my first jobwas at the FASHION BUG. i worked there for 32 years ! but then one day i reaalllyyy had to goum.. # 2.. rly bad. the only stall available was my boss's platinum potty 5000, which no one exvept my boss could use. but i was about to crap my pants so i went in his toilet. when he found out, my bff alfred told our boss i did ! it was a joke i guess, like me and alster's joke about the 4sg hardware they sold at staples (inside joke u wouldnt get it)... anyways i thought alfred was serious so i was all " OHMYGAWD HOWDIDYA FIND OUT?!!!?" so my boss found out and i was fired on may 6 1899. i was SSOOOO sad, i still am. iloved getting discounts aat the fashon bug almost as much as my mommys snickerdoodles !!

The "RATS" did it? Wait the what did it?
I was working at a family restuarant as a part time busboy. I was told in the interview all I would really be doing was clearing and setting the tables. However when I came in for my first day the head waitress, who was a real b**ch told me I also had to refill the ice, empty the garbage, clean and restock the bathrooms, vacuum, wipe the windows, change out the cartridges of fountain soda, and a few other odds and ends. Anyhow I thought I was doing ok for the first 5-6 days, but I went in the back boiler room where we would all smoke cigarettes when time allowed for it. So I was in there one day and her daughter, some hot blonde was in there, she was in trouble for something and her mom (the head waitress) was ticked off at her, and saw me in there with like 3 hits left and told me I have a lot of sh*t to do and get the f**k back out there. So I did but that was the beginning of me being the one everyone decided to take out their anger on. Anyhow the night before my last day, I worked closing and took out all the trash, but instead of throwing it in the dumpster one of the other waitresses told me to set it in the shopping cart behind the building and that the guys in the kitchen would take care of the rest when they left. So thats what I did. I came in the next day, also my last day, and the head waitress b**ched me out that I didn't take the trash out to the dumpster and that the rats and possums got all in the trash that the kitchen staff did not empty. I was fired for it. I was never informed I was fired, and called them the next day and asked when I worked again. They asked me who I was. I told them, Chris, the busboy, you know tall guy, black hair. They said we don't know any Chris's. Way to play me off! Oh well, I hated that place anyway. I'm glad they got rid of me because I would have been gone shortly if they didn't fire me......I've now been unemployeed since February 2007 lol.

My crappy boss
Ok. I was working for this hamburger joint that i heard payed rlly good. One day, these 2 guys came in and started tryin to bribe me to come with them to their apartment. i was pretty sure they were drunk. anyways, i just ignored them and tended to other costomers. alright, so they complain to the manager and he fired me for not serving those 2 assholes.

I had just quit working a job that I had been at for 2 years. I was a great employee, and my boss loved me. Unfortuntly I was the only thing keeping the company afloat. Well anyways, my boss was really peeved that I had quit. And he waltzed over to my new job ( i was waitressing at a mexican resturant) and told my bosses that I had stolen over 500 dollars in cash during my time working at his resturant. To make a long story short, my new bosses called me up and told me they no longer needed me without explaination. I found out later in a letter from my old boss about what he did. Needless to say I havent eaten at either resturant since.

Like...yeah I was sitting. My boss comes up to me and says "What are you doing". I was nice to my boss, and he was usually nice to me so I said "sitting. What are you doing?" Then my boss turned invisible and glared at me. He whipped his long tail at me at howled at the moon. It was full moon night, and he had turned into a werewolf.I ran away and never came back. Too bad. It paid 50 dollars an hour for just delivering pizzas. The next day he begged me to return, but i noticed this happened every full moon. There was always a wanted sign after full moon.

what i did to get a promotion
i have ben working at walmart for eight years and i still am i watched the movie office space after work one day when a slacker got a promotion that i worked very hard for but didnt get anyways i decided to act like the guy on office space i never did any real work i ate food off the shelves at work during my lunch break i even played computer games on my bosses computer in the main office the boss watched me do all this and still didnt fire me then i kept missing work only coming in about three days a week still no being fired so i finally started actually working about a month after doing all this and about a week later i got promoted from cashier to vice manager but i didnt take the promotion i got another job that pays way more than being vice manager

What's More Important
Well, three of my co-workers that I've become REALLY good friends with have been fired within the past month from the job as cashier we all did.

The first friend, Jade, was fired after missing work for being sick. The head of our department had an argument with her and said that "Work is more important than school" (Jade was 16)

The second friend, Courtney, also 16, quit/was fired for being sick also. The boss gave her the Work/School speech also.

The third friend, Myranda was fired after fainting at her till from a mysterious illness (it was probably food poisoning, and she WASN'T faking. I had to call someone to help get her first aid!)

alright heres my story: I was working with company that made condoms. One day we all heard strange noises coming from the back. so we went to go check it out. one of our employees was raping the Boss!
we never saw him again....

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