Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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mean boss
i was working at this ratty ass motel it totally sucked you would probally say it was a crack motel but there was this really hot mexican guy who worked there and i liked him but he was marryied he and his wife ran the hotel his wife was fat ugly and mean she had the most dum rules there has ever been made lik no visitors no pets no noise stupid stuff wel i figured out that he liked me everyone knew 2 and they knwe he hated his wife but 1 day she was sick and me and him started foolin around and his wife i guess felt better came back and walked in on us foolin around and i got fired but we keep in close touch what shegets 4 bein a bitch

same name
Ok, so here is the DUMBEST reason to fire someone EVER!!! On a lunch break a boy named Alex was going to a nearby café. He offered to pick up a salad for his boss. His boss asked for a Chineese chiken salad. When Alex got to the café, he saw tthere were none of those salads left, so he got the next best choice (ASIAN chicken salad). When he braught it back, his boss FLIPPED out and he was fired after working at he ice cream parlor for two years.

fired on vacation
i was given the day off for working so hard the entire weekend and covering multiple people's shifts. little did i know people hated on me while i was at home chillin and told my manager i was late a couple a times when she wasnt there. so she calls me on the phone to tell me im fired and i tell her its my day off how could i be fired. we worked at a pizza place so she responded "thats just the way the pizza crumbles"

Lying Coworker
I used to work at this small grocery store and one of the girls I worked with hated me, although I never knew why. One day, my stomach was killing me but the store was filled with customers. I held on as long as I could but finally I had to run to the bathroom with only a quick apology to the other cashier. While I was in the bathroom, the owner came in and asked where I was. This girl told him I had gone home - although I was just in the bathroom. I didn't even know about it until the next day. When I got to work, the owner said I was fired for 'leaving work.' He never would believe I had just gone to the bathroom!

Inevitable Punch
I've been disrespected by this co-worker from day 1. This co-worker of mine, was very, and I mean, very disrespectful to anyone and everyone and I was even told by my boss he has to take medicine for his rudeness and anger problems. I worked making plastic bottles, and this guy would shove bottles into my hand and tell me what to do with them, tell me to go get him bottles without saying please or thank you, so it escalated. It gets better...

We recently changed schedules for revenue I guess and his break comes before mine. Our breaks are one after the other. The guy after me is a real hot head to and gets very upset when someone screws up the breaks and usually I'm the one that gets yelled at because he is after me, and the (jerk-off) co-worker of mine would come back late and I would take my full break and it would look like I was coming back late, my head got chewed off. So I confronted jerk-off nicely, saying you know you're 5 or 7 minutes late. First time he gave me the finger and said he didn't care. I let that pass, even though I'd been disrespected numerous times before. It continued escalating.

Now just the other day, he did it again, I was a little more irritated but still just said "you're 5 minutes late" and pointed to my wrist. I got a "so what" and the finger again, I got close to make sure he really wanted to mess with me today, he put his hands on ME first (very important) by putting his hand on my shoulder and pushing me into the machine. I grabbed the stick nearby, whacked him in the leg, then punched him in the face and walked away. Being the whiny baby he is, he went crying like a little shit to my boss, and since he's been there a lot longer then me, I was told to leave without even given a chance to tell my side of the story (not to mention escorted to my car by my boss like I'm some serial killer all of a sudden and told to leave the property like I was planning on staying?) I'm usually a very calm person and let things escalate, and I snapped this time and got fed up. Being a wimp in life gets you nowhere, stand up for yourself if you have to.

A year and half of service and nothing
I was "let go" because I was unable to get all of the work entered into the computer on day. Background...I was the head trainer for the tellers and was training 2 new tellers that day. I had to fix their drawers because they were off and then I was too. The person that was supposed to enter the info on the computer told me that he wasn't going to do it because it wasn't his responsibility any more, when it really was, and that it was left up to me. I did as much as I could and then stopped for the day. The next week I was pulled into my bosses office for a review and was told that the president wanted to fire me because of my overtime hours, that they failed to moniter for the month and tell me to take half days. My boss said she saved my job from that but since I was unable to enter all the information in the computer they had to let me go. After over a year and half of perfect attendence, never calling in sick, filling in hours for people that couldn't make it in, and for being the 3rd longest employee their they let me go for one days mishaps that could have been prevented if the guy just did his job and stayed a little longer. Fucking bastard.

Then get this, a month later they fired my girlfriend because someone had told our boss that she didn't like her job and was looking for a new one. She was one of the best tellers they had at the time. This bank is retarded.

well i worked for a company called interstate cleaning corporation i quit because i was offered a better paying job but after a year of retail the cleaning company offered me a better wage 3.50 more an hour then my retail job interstate cleaning co wanted me back and bad so i took the job i did very well i was the site manager for another local retail store this guy chuck who was the guy right above me went to my district manager hired chuck's neice monica chuck wanted monica to have my position so made these out right nasty lies up about how i wasn't doing my job chuck even let monica tell me how to do my job this chick had no prior experiance as a janitor so i got fired but here is the kicker monica sleeps on the job and can't even do her job right so now she will be fired and hopefully chuck will too interstate cleaning is all over the place so watch out these people are shady and will fire you for stupid shit watch out for chuck cheney and john denim they are the worst

I was working at TGIF's bustng my arse for lousy tips, wearing the rediculous get up with suspenders and buttons. I walk in like any other day getting ready for the dinner rush, 2 hrs into my shift I get a bunch of hillbilly lookin rednecks, missing teeth and one even looked like a gimp, I am a fairly attractive female and the whole time these guys are shouting and saying sexist crap, I had already had enough, I was ready to go off cause I know the mental midgets wern't gonna give me a good tip. All of a sudden a customer sitting fairly close to the rednecks got up, shouted and cursed and the two had a go right there in the resturant. I was trying to break it. My boss walks over grabs my arm thinking I was part of the fight and fires me right on the spot.Before leaving that night I had to turn in my nifty lil outfit and leave it in his office, I noticed the " boss " was on his dinner break with a 1/2 eatin burger and fries on his desk, and a nice cold beverage, I decided to leave my calling card, I spit in his drink and threw his burger on the floor < which looked like it had not been mopped in ages > and carefully sat it back on his plate. I walked out, happy. :)

School Firing
Well, at one point i was Residential Assistant at JWU where it was my responsibility to whatch over the students in the dorm well I happened to whatch some of them too well. I was a the cool RA that everyone like and respected except for my fellow Coworkers and RD well I acctually ended up sleeping with more than 4 of the students and got fired for fraternizing with them well i got the last laugh cause I wan't just fraternizing with them he he...

Liar Liar
Well one day i was at work, nothing to do and there were barely any customers in the store. I got bored so I started straightening everything and picked out stuff i wanted to buy. I didn't have any cash and there was a sale going on and ended that day and I had to close that night so I called my boyfriend and told him to come up and get the stuff for me. Well he also picked out a couple pairs of boxers and I logged in as a co-worker so I could get my 20% discount on the stuff. Management found out all about it. Theytook me into the office with men i didn't even know and the told me nothing bad was going to happen and after we talked I could go back to work. They asked me if I had done anything I knew was wrong. Well i am not going to lie because obviously they already know. So I told all about what I had did. and they fired me. They lied to me! When i told the truth. Oh well better off without them. Rude people.

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