Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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Caught Shred Handed
ok so my buddy was working at the Steamboat ski area...decided to get piss drunk one day bust a window & try to jack some boards. Needless to say he got fired & put in jail for a bit. He was also working at the Yacht Club restaurant in Steamboat, made the front page of the paper for his little stunt. His boss found the article, he got fired

My friend got fired from MacDonalds after giving everyone in our street free Mc Flurrys.

Once Upon A Child
So apparently it's against the rules to text while at work, no matter how slow or dead the store may be. This heinous fatty of a boss was paying me minimum wage to do hard work, and then was cheating the customers out of the full value of the clothes they traded in. So when she fired me for texting, I laughed, handed her my employees badge, and gave her the finger. She was less than thriled.

I was working as a cashier in a grocery store when one day this guy who was a manager at a hip, upscale pizza restaurant came through my line. He bought a few items, we made small talk. He had bought some beef from the meat department, and told me it was marked down even though there wasn't a sticker on the package and asked if I'd ring it up at a discount. I said sure, and did. He said, "Hey you've got some great customer service skills there, want to come work as a waiter at *the restaurant*?" I said sure, and he gave me his card. As it goes, I got the job and began training. Now this restaurant, which is locally owned, is a very hip, laid back, college-themed, fun place to be and they serve great pizza. I initially loved it, but I had never worked in a restaurant before or as a waiter. So, while working, I tended to stay quiet unless someone was speaking to me because I was somewhat nervous having no prior experience. On my third day of work, I came in at three, which was the time that the girl I trained with the night before had told me to come in. Apparently, I was actually supposed to come in an hour later than that. It was at a time when business was extremely slow, so I asked them if they'd like for me to leave and return one hour later. They said no, but asked who I had trained with the night before who told me to come in at three when I was scheduled to come in at four. For the life of me, I could not remember the girl's name, so I tried to describe her to them. You know, about this tall, blonde hair, very pale? Hm. I go sit with someone to continue training, and they return and hastily begin to explain that this wasn't going to work and asked me to leave. Completely confused, I asked why they were firing me? Apparently one of the managers overheard me say that the girl from the night before was "pale" and had a fit about it, and told the girl whom I was speaking with to fire me. She then went on to explain that I was too quiet, didn't seem enthusiastic enough, something along those lines. Well, I'm sorry for shutting up during my training so I could absorb information so that I could excel in a job that I had no experience for, and I'm sorry for not doing enough jumping jacks and backflips to show my enthusiasm. But at the end of the day, the main emphasis was on me saying the girl from the night before was "pale" that set the managers over the edge. I don't see why that upset them so much... I wasn't trying to imply that she was ugly or looked sick or something, because that wasn't true at all. If I was trying to describe myself, I would've said "The tall tan guy with short hair." Anyway, I left and went back home. My mom asked why I was home and I told her that I was fired. She asked why, and I told her. She thought it was ridiculous. I went back to the grocery store where I worked before, and all my former co-workers and supervisors asked me how I was and how my new job was working out. I told them I was fired, and they asked why. I told them, and they all laughed hysterically. They also offered me my old job back (saying "You're probably the nicest person that ever worked here") but I had an interview for a new office job set up for soon after. I got the office job, and I still have it today, it's a great job. I should probably add that I go to that restaurant to eat on a regular basis. What can I say, they have good pizza.

folding chairs of doom
I worked at a hastings entertainment store for one and a half years, and at the time of this story I was a departmental manager (not bad for an 18 year old). I had never called in sick, never been late without just cause, and had only good performance statements and letters of commendation from customers. Everything was fine and dandy until one Monday when I went into work and couldn't find any of my paperwork for the week's new releases. "That's odd," I remember saying aloud before reprinting the papers, which took for-freaking-ever. I got all of my price management and other corporate-monkey stuff done and started the new release wall (Mondays are always new release nights), when suddenly I'm called to the back room. I walked through the store wondering what in the hell was so important that they had to pull me away from the hardest part of my job, and when I opened the door I saw my manager sitting in a folding chair, with an empty one infront of her and papers in her hands. Folding chairs are always a sign of impending doom, mind you. At that moment, I knew I was being sacked, I just didn't know why. Turns out I had let my younger brother purchase a soda with the employee discount--oh my god, that's less than fifty cents of a difference, the company will obviously go out of business, right? So anyway...I calmly held up the new release paperwork, ripped it in half and threw it in the trashcan on my way out. I left the store with a smile on my face, and even waved to my manager as I walked out of the door. Nearly two years of imaculate servitude and what do I get?!--JACK SHIT. So a word of advice...don't work at Hastings. Trust me on that one.

I was working at this shoe store and the assistant manager had been fired a week after I arrived. A girl in the store was promoted to his position. I was still training on the register so the ass. manager was in under my name. Make a long story short she fucked up a transaction on my drawer. Now the store manager has to be called in on her day off. She of course starts swearing at me "what the fucks wrong with you! you dont know what the fuck you are doing" Mind you I didnt complete the transaction. She threatened to write me up and I told her that I quit.

i worked on set for a movie as an cameraman, and for fun, i brought my friend along to see the filming. he ended up finding the refreshment stand. while filming, he somehow managed to take off his clothes and streak across the set on camera. he was DRUNK. of course, i was fired for lack of control over my friend. thanks buddeh.

Walgreens Sucks
I was working at Walgreens in the Pharmacy department for alittle over 5 years. I was working mainly as cashier for the most part then when I got my California license, I got to work in the back filling medicine bottles. After switching stores to work for a total dumb ass, which i didn't ask for a transfer the company told me i had to. he didn't like me explaining my actions, he would write reports to his bosses saying I was a trouble maker and immature for his store. I stayed even though I asked for a transfer and made complaints about his managing. When a customer threw her bag at my head and I threw it out the door, telling her to drop dead. the manager didn't want to talk to me about my side of the story. i told the upper management i wanted to quit. after a week the pharmacy manager called me into the office and told me he wanted me gone. i laughed it off cause i told him i was going to quit anyway, he said he didn't care and was firing me anyways. I walked out, saying goodbye to my former employees. i filled for unemployment and wrote a long letter to the cooperate offices about his lack of understanding. the people i talk to that still work at that store tell me he is out of the district and has been demoted to a non management title.

Sitting while injured
So i am working at a corner pantry gas station. and while i was moving the boiled p-nuts from the burner to the freezer for the day, i lost my grip. my chuck taylors were soon soaked in very greasy very hot "water" from the cajun nuts. i figured that i would be fine if i cleaned the injury, kept it medicated and stayed off the injured foot for awhile. it was nothing i couldnt treat myself and i didnt want to make a big hairy workers comp claim about it. so i pulled up a chair to the regester and stayed off the hurt foot for about two days. when i came back from a break, my manager tells me that someone complained that i looked unprofessional sitting on the job and brought it up with the company president. i was told to turn in my key and sign my termination slip

all i wanted to do was minimize any trouble for the management. but you try to do someone a favor and you wind up getting fucked.

oh crap!
my friend decided to walk his dog on the lawn in front of his work. The dog crapped and he refused to pick it up.our boss came in and told us all about the new shoes he had bought that day.they had cost him about 150 dollars. he was leaving that day and stepped in the dog crap. my freind confessed and our boss, of course, fired him.

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