Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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Drive-thru of REVENGE!
I was working at a Wendy's and the lazy managers wouldn't let me take a bathroom break cuz I was the only one working the drive-thru. This was so aggravating because both of the managers were sittin on their butts smoking cigarettes and I really had to go. So I told myself, that's it, it ain't worth it anymore. I started hooking people up!!! Anything and everything I could stick in a bag and send out that window was how I got even. I was giving 2-3 times the food they ordered, and if they had kids, they got a gang of toys! The grill cook and everybody kept wondering where all the extra pre-made foods were going. They'd look at me and I'd say "Oops, guess you need to remake it now." HAHA
That's for everytime you went thru the drive-thru and got your order screwed up! Not really fired, but that was the perfect way to quit a fast food job!!

Crispers Crap
I worked at Crispers (a soup and salad restaurant) for about 8 months. Then we got a new manager and he was such an A-HOLE. He made everyone do stuff like cleaning out the crevices in the floor behind the freezer and lots of other crap that we had no reason to do. Finally one night he got tired of the way I stood up to him so he gave me a list of crap to do. I explained that I wouldn't be gone till 11 p.m. Crispers closed at 8pm. He said it wasn't his problem. So I walked around for awhile not doing anything (and getting paid for it). Finally he said it was time for him to go home and I could finish tomorrow, as we walked out he said is that it? And I said no actually, (I took my shirt and hat off) you can take this and shove it up your a** cause I quit.

the orange
my brother was working at wendys slipped got a lump on his leg the size of a orange my dad screamed at the phone for a hour becase they wouldnt let him leave early his boss fired him aweek later for coming L8.BS!

Ok, so i had just got my first job at a dollar store. It was pretty lame, but i figured it was better than nothing. So i have this co- worker named Sharon, and we are the biggest 18 year old spazzes in america. Well, we were both on break, and decided to goof off. In the middle of the Dollar store, there was a bunch of pillows on a shelf, so i took them all down and buried Sharon completly from head to toe. But (uh o!) our boss came out from the back room so i ran to the other side of the store, leaving sharon under the pillows. Dave(my boss) started to pick up the pillows, and sharon, thinking it was me, jumped out and yelled BOO!!! Dave myst of jumped three feet in the air! lol We both ran out of the store and the next day we both got fired. But it was sooo worth it lol XD :P

dont touch your items
I WAS the boss of a hunting store, so this one time i picked up a cross bow, and shot through a wall because it was faulty, so i didnt even press the trigger. So the arrow flies through the air and goes into a shelve, which almost stabbed some lady in the head. Since i knew i was fired, i loaded up on arrows and ran out. I never came back.

This other time i was a co- worker at a fire arms store, so i was cleaning the desk when a customer asked for assistance. He wanted to know how much the gun costed, o being the mron he was, he didnt realize the price tag on the trigger. So i took the gun, looked at the tag and shot another co- worker in the thigh. I fired a gun, and then my boss fired a me.

So I come in to work and my boss was on the phone screaming at someone. He hung up and smashed the phone against the wall. He then preceded to pick up the computer and smash it on the ground. He was fired before the days end. I never found out wat he was so mad about?

Screw you, you two-faced bitch
I was working at a gas station and the new manager was a royal B-word. It was her first week on the job and she got mad because I made more than she did, so she cut everyone's hours. Then she would talk about every single employee behind thier back, I got tired of it one day. At the end of my shift, I left her a nice little note.It read: "I'm about sick of your big mouth- always badmouthig people. I quit, do this shitt yourself. And DON'T call me casue I'm sure as fuck NOT going to call YOU!!!"

I met my boyfriend of 2 years at my job-hardees. We had worked there for about three years when I quit. I went back into the store to ask about a harassment issue and why they haven't given me my last paycheck after 3 months. My boyfriend was asking the manager why he hadn't had the time to tell the coorperate office and the manager said it "wasnt an appropriate time" to talk about it. He went in his office for three seconds before coming out and shouting at the front counter that my boyfriend was fired!!! The manager walked into the bathroom and my boyfriend followed screaming, "You can't fucking treat people like this!" I was glad my boyfriend stood up for himself because our managers had been harassing us for years.

McDonalds Trouble
my friend and I were at McDonalds on our first day of work. Some guy came and was all fired up. My friend thought is was a joke they played on all the new workers so he started laughing and calling him names. He even dumped coke on his head he thought it was so funny. Well is it turns out, he just got fired and was mad and so was my friend!

Wal-Mart Cart Pusher....yay
I had worked at Wal-Mart for probably....5 months or so. I'm not going to lie...I wasn't the best employee...I was 18 and about as motivated as a man on death row. So it just so happens, that after taking a long spell off of work (for false illness) that I actually GOT extremely sick from some bad I've got food poisoning and asked a friend of mine to call Wal-Mart...and tell them what was going on. I didn't have a way to call them at the time...or didn't want to...or anyhow...I'm at home for like 4 days...sick as shit with food poisoning and came in on Sunday for my morning shift. Immediately I got hammered by the daytime manager for calling in so much, having my friend call...blah blah blah...and to paint the picture for you this lady reminded me of a yappy chihuahua...she stood about 4'11 and had the bitchiest damn voice I've ever anyhow...she's harping on me hardcore and when she notices I really don't care what she has to say she gets REAL pissed off and makes me mop the floor in the entrance (even though the night crew did it the night before) she was just trying to be a bitch. So I walked into the back room where I clock in, I very quietly clocked OUT took my mop and bucket and my stupid orange mesh vest walked to the front of the store and instructed HER to mop it if she wanted it mopped that I wasn't going to do it and she could kiss my ass. I then put my name badge and mesh vest on the service counter and she freaked out..saying stuff'll never work at another wal-mart again as long as I live...blah blah blah...which to me was a fucking blessing because working at Wal-Mart SUCKED HARD!!!! anyhow, so I gave the middle finger salute on both hands...raised high above my head and walked out...started my car and went home...I would give anything for the security tape of that happening.

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