Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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That'll teach you
i was working at a place in flint,mi called ponderosa steakhouse i am on the buffet and i am closing with a girl i hate and we are taking the food off the buffet when she spills it all and goes off to smoke and i tell her i am not cleaning up her mess and she starts to trip and i get mad and the boss takes her side so i start to go around the buffet and throw all the food on the ground and spill it everywhere and push over the mop bucket and leave and of course i got fired!

Car Trouble
I was having trouble getting to work, so my manager told me he used to be a mechanic and he would fix my car. Well $250 later, i was driving to pick up my boyfriend from work, not even 30 miled away, it breaks. So my father took me to work the next morning demanding the money back. When that didnt go over well he called my manger a one legged cow milkin hippy, needless to say, i was fired and $ 250 dollars poorer. :(

will you lie for me?
One afternoon I had an employee call me and tell me the police were on their way to arrest him for breaking and entering, that was his last day....

Bad Day
I used to do concrete for a one armed asshole for minimum wage. One night a hot girl asked me on a date. When i called her, her boyfriend answered the phone and said she was going with him. I was I ended up getting a concussion from slamming my head on my steering wheel and making my best friend punch me in the face. I took so much pain relief pills after that i started to hallucinate. Then i whent to work and wanted to go home because i didnt feel good. The gimpy bastard said if i went home i wouldnt get paid for the prior three days. I told him to fuck himself and took off doing donuts in his customers yard.

Fruit that Gets You Fired
My brother used to work for a supermarket. On his first day of the job he decided he was a bit hungry so he grabbed a peach. Throughout the day he kept eating fruit from the store until his boss caught him. When asked where the fruit came from he replied 'the shop'. He was never rostered again from that day onwards.

Kitty Litter
I was working in a little Amusement Park in Melrose Park, IL. At the time, I was 16, with my first job ever. I came to work on time, did everything I could possibly do, and even stay late after work to help out. One day I was talking to a couple of my friends at lunch, and I didn't realize that my boss came in. We were discussing what we thought of working at the amusement park. Clueless as I was about my bosses presence, I got up, and said that Kiddie Land should be named Kitty Litter because the place is a dump and BEEP BEEP BEEP. Everyone froze, and I slowly turned around to face my boss who was completely furious! And thats how I got fired. :)

Working Pregnant Hungry Woman
My night started when i had gone to get a sub to take into lunch, because as everyone knows a pregnant woman needs her food, and had put it in the lunchroom fridge. I started working and when my first break came up i kept telling everyone that i oculdnt wait to eat my sub. When i got to the break room there was my manager eating my sub that had my name on the wrapper. I screamed out cursing every word known to man and threw a box filled with disposable silverware at her head. She then told me to leave and I got a call that morning from the store manager that I was fired. I went in a again that night and told my manager that you do not mess with a pregnant womans food.

what the
one day i walk into work and their is a stack of papers on my deak that says that i am fired and that i dont need to go to work anymore so then instead of the boss being their he took of early to go toa meeting so i thought that he didnt want me to work their anymore and so i go home the next day i get a call and it's my boss talking about how i am fired and that i don't need to come into work tommorow and i was like what the

customer is always right
i worked for jcpenney in the catalog department. i worked there for about 2 weeks before the "big day". my job was to handle customer returns, customer catalog orders, payments, gift wrapping, and miscellaneous duties. it was a very very busy time of year. i handled many customer complaints that day. it seemed like never ending. one customer came to the counter. looked about 65 yrs old, female, reality, she was probably 47, she barely reached 4 and 1/2 feet high. she looked very red in the face from waiting soo long in line. before i could say "good afternoon ma'am how can i help you?" she threw her credit card at me. it hit me in the face. she started to yell at me. i could barely understand her complaint. i asked her politely to "speak slowly and calmly" so i can help her." she was very impatient. she repeated slower but sarcasticlly. i was started to get frustrated. all the other CS employees were busy with other customers the manager was on the phone. i was running out of ways to try to calm this lady down so i could help her. she then slammed her arms on the counter and stretched her arm in my face as if she was going to point my eye out. i got a little upset and said a little loudly, "Ma'am could you stop being so B****y" . the lady didn't appreciate what was said to her and asked for the store manager. i told her i would take her to him. the customer service manager must have heard us because she took over. well, after she finished she left the counter. i guess the lady went to the manager. because i was called to the office. apparently, the lady was crying to the manager. she couldn't believe that i said that to her." i tried to explain myself. they said"customer is always right". so they fired me. i told them 5.00 and hour wasn't worth the hassle and i told them i quit. i never been back to jcpenney. and it has been 7 years since the incident.

sex with the bosses wife
to make a long story short im a chick and i slept with my managers wife in the back room at the restauraunt i worked at. funny thing is shes a youth minister! he caught us and i got fired.

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