Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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Party balloons
My brother worked at Burger King when he was a teenager. One night he and a friend were blowing up helium balloons for a birthday party. They thought it would be a good idea to test the helium on themselves. They started sucking the helium out of the tank and talking like crazed chipmunks. The boss walked in and fired them both.

Fired half hour before work
I got this job with a Temp. company at a Bank. I was told it was a Temp to Perm job, meaning I was gonna be there a while. I was replacing this girl that moved. I was there a week, when the following monday, I got a phone call saying that she was back from vacation and I didn't have to come in. THEY CALLED ME A HALF HOUR BEFORE I WAS SUPPOSED TO SHOW UP! Lucky I had not left yet. I was about too. Life sucks!People lie!

stole money
my friend stole $350 from her till at a supermarket. they didnt find out for a while and when they did she was fired. she hasnt managed to get another job....we live in a small town

woke up and started getting drunk. I could'nt be late anymore so i had to go to work drunk

School is more then a job. So when you get expelled, its pretty freakin sweet. Ok, my friend John must be retarded. He was a senior at my school until he took a senior prank a little too far. Our school has a magnificent library; very spacious, and peaceful, and the proctors of this library like to keep the peace. John and his friends have one goal in life; to disturb this peace. So this kid John, he's a pretty crazy kid. He decides it'd be funny to steal a bunch of chickens from a farm near his house, and let them into the library's secretive back door. Now chickens are elusive animals. I've been in a 10ft by 10ft pen with a chicken, and never caught it. Imagine 7 chickens with an entire library to roam. Not going to lie, I peed my pants laughing. The school had to call animal control to come and get the chickens. John was put in front of the school's judiciary committee, and unanimously expelled.

I was at a party befor work somoene gave me acid, later at work i began to trip and rearranged almost everything in wal-mart well I got fired.

mc donalds fight
i was duty manager and one of my co workers called me to deal with an angry custermer so i go to the counter and then i have a cheesebuger thrown in my face so i jump over the counter with my kitchen spatula and hit the guy 3 times with it in fornt of about 20 customers then i turned around and my boss was there i said to him i come to your office in five minutes.

too hungover
Well, I had partied alot, and i already had another job, so i wasn't too worried about it. well, i was soooo hungover that on my 3rd day of work, i called in, and resulting in me getting fired immediately after saying i wasn't coming in.

just because I
Well me and my best girl friend had closed the store early.. we have these maniquins we put in the windows at night.. well we put different clothes on them every night, so we were underssing them, and we started acting like we were rubbing know where.. well it started turning us on so we started making out with the maniquin and then each other. then the boss came in and called the cops.. we picked up our checks 2 days later.. so we really need the money

Clash of Personalities
I was working in an office, it was only small being myself, the senior office girl, the boss, the manager and one labourer. The Senior office girl and i didn't hit it off at all, she was constantly finding ways to put me down and make my days miserable. I had been there a month when one day i had worked very hard to put the filing system in order and gone to do another job, and when i returned there were files all over the place and she told me to put them back. I know she was the senior but that just made me see red and i told her to stuff it. The boss came out and told us both to go out to lunch and i stormed out and went home without telling them. They fired me the next day and i don't regret it.

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