Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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Clash of Personalities
I was working in an office, it was only small being myself, the senior office girl, the boss, the manager and one labourer. The Senior office girl and i didn't hit it off at all, she was constantly finding ways to put me down and make my days miserable. I had been there a month when one day i had worked very hard to put the filing system in order and gone to do another job, and when i returned there were files all over the place and she told me to put them back. I know she was the senior but that just made me see red and i told her to stuff it. The boss came out and told us both to go out to lunch and i stormed out and went home without telling them. They fired me the next day and i don't regret it.

Wrong Place Wrong Time
I was working at a little family owned grocery store. It was my time to get off of work and i was waiting for my ride to get there. I was sitting behind the store waiting and the owner comes walking out the back door. I thought it was one of my friends i was going to stop them and talk to them so i proceeded to walk over to the door. There was two gallons of milk and two boxes of cereal sitting behind the store. I am a lactose keep this in mind. Well the owner started flipping out on me saying i was fired and that he didnt want to see me ever again. So that was that...wrong place at the wrong time. but the kid that did steal the stuff was fired two weeks after that for stealing cigarettes.

i turned up to a stripper bar stoned as a ma fucker i seen the boss there so i ask her if i could get her a drink she said yes what a lovely man i said i know its in ma dna she laughed and said you can go and meet the strippers after the show if you want i said thanks can i get your number sh said sure here it is 0212152??? i said can i come to your house for a good night she said yes i said can one of the strippers come of course so on we went to her house when we get to her house she starts to strip i say oh yeah then we go up stairs for a great time when we were finnished her husband turned up i tried to hide but he found me and it was ma boss from work and i was like oh shit catch you up the next day when i turn up at work the boss was not there when i got there so i just got down ta business in the back then as i got up the boss said i'll like to see you in ma office please i go all shit this can't be good so when i get in there he says you have been fired im like no i have just been f#@!$% your wife it was nice aswell so he told me pack ma stuff up so i said does that include your wife he just said get owt now! so i did and thats how i got fired... tH!$ @!NT TR{}E

the bosses wife
i was at home wagging work getting on with the bosses wife until ma boss rang up and ask me why i wasnt at work i told him that i was at the doctors getn a check up on my body then he heard a scream and he ask hu was that screaming i said its the doctor she took a look at my body and was very happy at what she saw the boss heard his wife say who's that opn the phone i said its a brother from another mother she said oh is he hot! i said nah he ugly he just looks like your husband hu gregory the boss said thats ma name what the @#$!% are you doing with ma wife i said boss you have just been punkd he said you have just been fired you get the letters F-I-R-E-D Fired! see ya boss

Bakery Slap
i was working at the local bakers in sutton then one day a women came in and said 'want your buns' so i just stood there and said 'i beg your pardon' 'i want you buns' she repeated i walked around the counter, slaped her and THEN i found out that she was German

I showed up at my job drunk. When the manager said how you doing. I just cussed his ass out.

window shoper
well i worked at a local store called kcl deli and i had to bring my niece to work with me well she was thristy and so i paid for a soda out of my money and my boss said that i was giving her free things althrough he seen me take money out of my pocket and put it in to the cash machine he fired me on the spot.

Im not a Druggy I swear!!
I worked at a grocery store called Krogers, maybe you have heard of it. Well I worked stock with a couple of my friends, so we always goofed off on the job. Well one day I had the bright idea of using the load speaker in the store....I made some moaning noises and proceeded to page a Mr.Beats me off. Long story short my buddies snitched on me....and i was fired that day.It was so worth it though :)

We trust you, you're just stupid.
I was fired from a small town retail position for losing 399.85 from my till. I was told that although my integrity was not in question, that i was incompetent and that stupidity was expensive. Whoops, shouldnt have had that joint before work... now im a student and only answer to my report cards ( they dont mind if im stupid, as long as i pass)

Your Fired
I got fired because I missed 4 days of
work.Then he said your fired. After that
I pushed him flat on his back.

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