Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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So I was biking to work one day and some loser runs into me. I flip him off and keep going. Later that day, i went to the doctor's to check out my arm, it was REALLY bruised, and he tells me I broke it. I show up at work a little later and low and behold, the guy that hit me was my boss. Oh joy. I was fired, and he started ranting on about how a broken arm is no reason to leave work. Blah blah blah.

my friend was working at micky ds.
so it was the end of his shift.
and he jumped out the drivethrough window.needless to say he landed on the managers car.:(and you know exactly what happened next.

After 4 years of not a single sick day ...
My friend's sister had worked at a restaurant located behind her house for four years. She was always on time, always polite, and never had a sick day. She should have been manager of the place by year two, since she was the only original employee there by then, but some kid who worked there for three months got it instead. Anyhow, she had to reschedule her hours and called someone to cover for her, and they said they would, but next time she comes into work her manager, two years her junior, yells at her for being irresponsible and not getting someone to cover for her (even though this kind has come into work high before, and left early or arrived late numerous times). Stupid s.o.b.

a nice looking weld or intent to kill???
ive been a welder forabout 7 years or so and have worked for a couple diffrent companies. well i got hooked up with this place that paid pretty decient and i enjoyed the work building cabs for heavy equipment. i got paid peice work wich baisicly means u get paid more the more you do. the place was a dump and my supervisor and his bosses were all dumbasses and couldnt give me a correct work order so i kept getting screwed out of at least 20% of my pay and this went on for ever. every time i had a chance to make more $ something would come up and i wouldnt be making shit. but anyways i eventualy got tired of this. so i decided to write FUCK YOU on a peice of scrap steel being used as a gound laying on the floor of the shop. it was a beautiful weld if i may say so myself. but a couple days later inspectors came in and seen it and told the president of the company. my supervisor asked me if i did it and i said yes and i groud it off. later that day i had a hearing with my supervisor my union president a couple union reps and some uppity assholes who work desk job. well needless to say i got fired for vandalisim and the human recources guy was saying if i could do something so horrible as to write fuck you in beautiful weld on a peice of scrap steel whats gonna keep me from comming in and shooting people!!!!!! wtf is up with that???!!!!??? this aint columbine!!!! im not the trench coat miafia!!!!!!! a couple weeks later i called my union to see if i could get my job back since it was decient pay but my union told me ill need to hire a laywer to even try to get it back

oohh noo
ok me and my friend were talking about how much we hated our jobs so she was like why dont you just quit i was like alright il quit so when i went ino work my boss wanted me to grab him an extra chocolatey cup of coco so i took extra long and when i got back my boss yelled so i was like here you want your coco then have it so i poured it on his head and then i hear the famouse quote "YOU ARE FIRED!" so i went home and told my friend then she did the same thing the next day.. ( we were both assistants)

Old Ladies Are Mean
When i was working at hollister in kingston, this old, old lady came in. she wandered around and was sorta just poking around at the juniors department. i asked her if she needed a mall map, and she just said that she was looking for a shirt for her grand-daughter. When i rung her up, she paid and left. The next thing i know, i am being called to my bosses office. Whe i walk in she tells me to sit down. so i do. then she tells me i am fired for disrespecting customers! so somehow that old lady told my boss that i was being rude to her. i never went back to that Hollster again, and i did my shopping at american eagle next door. :P

well i was working at burger king and i came in with a cinamelt from mcdonalds and my boss saw me and you know the rest

Squashed Cart
Some of my friends worked together at this retail store and decided to fill a cart with batteries (very heavy). They had filled the cart and walked away when they heard a weird noise. They looked back to find the the front of the cart had completely down (cuz the frame had collapsed). The thing looked like a lowrider with the back raised and the front dropped. One of them got sacked but the cart was crazzaay funnay!!!!!

So I was walking into Dairy Queen, my first job when I was about 18. I walk over to the drive thru window and i smell something bad. I find out later my dumbfuck friend had shat in a cup and gave it to the customer. She orded a capichino... He was caught on cam and later fired.

bcoz i made a speech about poo
we all had to make an important speech so i made one up sayin how yummy quidgy poo is and i brought a sample in to a cooking place were i worked nd everyone ate it and loved it even custmorems but i got fired bcoz i accidently purpopsly put wee in the poo mixture :(

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