Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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Bad Timing
I was working at a tanning salon for my first job when i was 16. I was one of the girls with a terrible attitude for people who came in past 7:30 since it was last call for tanning, and it held me back from closing and leaving the dreadful place. 7:45 and 4 people were waiting to tan so i started vacuuming. The customers told my manager i was being rude. My manager told me if i apoligized i could come back. I said screw that, im never wrong.

dropped my stash
I got fired when a joint fell out of my coat pocket when I pulled my glove out. The manager saw and she said drugs were against company policy. I told her someone musta put it in my pocket but she didnt believe me and said your fired. Stupid.

Once apon a time in Mcdonalds
On day I arrived at my place of work which was mcdonalds at the time nd i was poping some fries into the frying pan when suddenly the mayo fell in the fryer! And i had to clean it up i cleaned it but most have forgot the lid for the mayo a customer recived fries with a lid init and threated to take us to court after the manager had a long chat with the customer she agreed not to take it any further. The manager then chucked a burger at me and said I was fired!!!!

How My Poor Co-Worker Got Fired from Disneyland
When I was a kid, we all talked about working at Disneyland. Riding the rides, getting free Mouse Ears, but most of all hanging around with professional Cinderellas and Donald Ducks. What could be better. Dream came true when I was hired to be the Monday through Wednesday
Nala (that's Simba's girlfriend from The Lion King). It was awesome. We walked around in puffy plush costumes, handed out balloons, rode rides, etc. After a month, the perks wore off. It was hot. Like pass out in the road face down hot. The main rule Disneyland characters must face is: there is no "breaking the wall" meaning you couldn't take off your head or costume pieces unless you were in complete privacy. NO MATTER WHAT. This made for extremely uncomfortable situations which included wearing urine collectors and stuffing water bottles into the heads of our costumes. We were required to ride some of the rides with children for an advertisement they were shooting one day in August. My co-worker (Jafar from Aladdin) boarded the Bobsled coaster with one particularly cheery chubby boy who had spent the past hour gorging himself on hot dogs and Mexican churros. As they started the ride, I noticed the boy was not looking so well. Sure enough, as they turned a sharp corner, the kid puked his guts out all over the expensive plush of Jafar's regal outfit. One look was all it took for my friend to suddenly gush his own vomit flow. It was too much for the poor guy to contain. All threw the ride, you could spot and hear the all too familiar gagging of a grown man emptying his stomach's contents all over himself. We felt bad for the guy. He threw up so much it began to leak out of his headgear down the front and sides of his costume. When the ride ended, the cameras continued rolling a live feed on a green and red puke saturated Jafar and crying ten year old. Jafar then took off his head whilst gasping for air screaming, "My head was swimming in my own vomit" in between glugs of barf. He heaved and threw up all over the ride and his costume. Our manager was furious. He not only was fired, but had to pay a hundred dollars in dry cleaning for the expensive costume. I myself quit shortly after.

bathroom sorrows
i did two double shifts at another job and then went to work at the northern which is a pub, i was trying to function of just two hours sleep and i thought i was doing ok until iwas told to go and clean the bathroom, to my suprise i was rudely awaken by my boss banging on the door he looked at me with these scarey eyes and said he had been looking for me for hours and that i was fired...i still think about his big red face..

no justice
i was fired for stealing something that i didnt take i think the manager was just threatened by me

Fried Day
I was working at Popeyes when I was fired. I was high when the manager pointed to the freezer and told me to take out the boxes. I took out half of the boxes before I was fired for throwing away five boxes of chicken.

Boy Toy Photos
I hated my boss and my boss hated me. She was extremely slutty and I had heard from one of my co-workers that she was going to fire me. She had been seeing this guy at work and then going home to see her husband. I though "What a great way not to get fired!" So I snapped some pictures of her and her BOY-TOY and told her that If I got fired, I'd make sure that her whole family saw the pictures. too bad I left the camera where she could get it. She did get it, then disposed of it, and finally fired me.

No Clothes No Job
I live in a small country town. I've lived here for about two years. I am originally from a much bigger city. As such, my BIG CITY personality never really fit in with this small town country living. I made the mistake one day of mentioning that my family and I were practicing nudists. My boss instantly got offended and called my husband a pervert and said we were disgusting and that I should turn him in to Social Services. For the next two weeks, the office environment was very tense and unpleasant. My boss would make little snide comments that I know were directed at me for what I had shared previously. On the day I got fired, my boss made up some stupid excuse about me not doing my job or rather trying to do her job. I asked her if she was firing me. She asked me if I wanted to be fired. She went down the hall and talked to the president of the company and came back about 5 minutes later and said I was fired. I had had no previous disciplinary action or any writes up of any kind. I had received two significant raises in the 1 and a half years I was there. I and everyone else knows it was related to my slip about my family being nudists.

never judge a book by it's cover...
I was working at a clothing store and had known the manager from recent years shopping there, about 3 weeks into the job I came to work and another worker told me that they fired the manager and hired someone else, we were told the new manager was friends with someone high up in the company and they only hired the old manager to get their friend hired, so half the employees quit because they really liked the old manager, I figured that I would stay on to see if I liked the manager enough to stay, a couple days later a customer asked me where the old manager was, I told her that they got rid of her to hire their friend and that most of the staff quit because they thought she was a b****, she said that she liked the other manager and I said that I liked her better then this manager any day, well come to find out the customer that I was talking to was a secret shopper trying to see what we thought of the switch in managment and she was friends with the new manager, so needless to say the next day halfway through my shift the manager came in and told me the whole story about how I was talking to a secret shopper and fired me, turns out that they fired all of the employees that didn't quit within a couple weeks, we think that they had that planned all along so they could staff the store with all their friends, just goes to show be careful who you confide in... ans never judge a book by it's cover.

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