Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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Down Syndrome
I worked at Outback Steakhouse, And there was this man with down syndrome that worked in the back. All he did was rolled silverware. He wasn't the Smartest kid as you know, and i told him to act like a bear. He proceded on going around grabbing girls chests. And squeezing while roaring. The manager asked him what he was doing and he said acting like a bear. Needless to say i got fired the next week when the girls told him i told him to act like a bear. haha

hot dog boo boo
I was fired from agas station. The write up said the reoson was: did not cut onions or take hot dags out of the freezer.

My employer does Coke
I worked in a music store, and the guy who owned it was doing coke, and chugging over the counter medication he had gotten illegaly. Well one night he went out and had no money, so he just sold all our inventory, just pawned everything. The lights were turned off a few days later becuase he did not pay the electirc bill, and since I was not getting paid I left. I think he is a pimp now.

I worked for a video store that is quite well known in the southern United States. They had an offer going where you buy two movies and you get a $5.00 coupon for pizza from another retail pizza chain. One of my bosses, the assistant manager had told me that if we came across any customers that were very angry and right in your face... I was to settle the dispute and offer them a coupon. I started to do this. Later in the same week that we received the coupons the same assistant manager told me if I was on close it would be ok to use a coupon to order a pizza... as long as it was to the store. So I used the coupons. About two weeks later the store manager called me into work early. I tried to get ready ASAP and come in. I was next in line for the manager position as the current manager was leaving. So I rush to work. I get the and am taken to the back office where both the manager and assistent manager confront me about the coupons. I told the manager what the assistant manager told me. She denied it right to my face. Then I was fired. I got home to find that while I was walking in a hurry to work... the manager had called and harassed my parents 3 times to get me in there quicker... JUST TO FIRE ME! If I wasn't in a running for the manager position I would have just quit when the assistant manager denied my story.

my worst dream ever
i was coming up the elevator like every other day with 10 people crammed into it and then suddenly i had this crazy idea that life wouldnt be worth living if i didnt do somethin crazy very quick so what i did was i pressed the emergency stop and alarm bell on the elevartor. i later found out that our companys biggest client ever was in the elevator and i had just lost the company 600 million dollars!!!! so thats how i got fired.

Stupid Bos
Yeah, he haf fired me now.
I was fired because of his nasty picture that he has hidden in his computer and get opened by me.
After that, I told some of my friends to see.
But, the unlucky was come. After all of us was gathered, he suddenly come to the room.
Yeah, he was so angry and ask whos has shown the pictures.
And they said that it was me.
What a stupid bos

Fired with a happy ending
I was doing stock and came across a magazine with halle berry on the cover looking super hot and I immediately proceeded to the janitors closet. While in the closet I began to pleasure myself but forgot to shut the door. Long story short my boss was standing there as I finished and turned around. He fired me and couldn't stop laughing his ass off.

I bleached my bosses uniform

fried bananas
i was working at sonic on day and i got tired of frying the same old things every day. so i seen the boss cutting up a banana for a drink someone ordered. so i asked her if i could buy one because i was hungry. so she yes but i would have to eat in the back of the store. so i was looking at the banana and looking around the corner to see if the boss was coming. she wasnt. but by the time i stuck the banana in the fryer she walked around the corner. She fired me for 2 reasons. 1 for lying to her about eating the banana. 2. for contaminating the fryer. I got fired for frying bananas

Newspapers or Burgers
My brother, best friend, and I all decided to work for the local newspaper company by going door to door selling them. It had been a long week and my best friend "Re Re" has a attitude out of this world and when she is mad about something lets the whole world know. We all ride in the van to different sub divisions and apartment complexes and at the end of the day they take us home. Well at the end of this paticular day Re Re decided to let everyone know how she hates the job and how people keep slamming the door in her face. So the boss asks her if she knows if McDonalds was hiring, she said that her cousin worked there and that she would ask her. The boss then yelled "Well you need to do that, cause your'e FIRED!" I have never heard silence that sharp before in my life! My brother and I burst out into laughter! Re Re is my best friend, but I gotta give it to the boss.

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