Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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The reason i was fired from work was because i wore a skirt to work.

I worked at an office that was always dead. The phones never rang or anything so one day I decided to lounge back in my chair and take a nap. Well, the phones rang and I didn't answer. So, my boss showed up finding me sleeping on the floor. (I guess I moved there while I was sleeping). My boss woke me up and asked what happened. I told him that I fainted. So, I went up to the hospital and stayed there for 3 days while they ran tests. Only to find my story was a lie. Needless to say I got fired.

The dumb reason I got fired from work
I got fired from work because I stayed home one day when I was so called not eligeble. My boss is the most ingnerent most evil redneck person on Earth and I mean that!

cup of coffee
I was working in huge company , when i the boss kicked my ass ( fired me )
he asked me to make for him , cup of coffee , after i did that , i took the cup and i enter his office , he told to come close give it to him , he was sitting in his chair, when he was taking it from me , , the whole cup spilled directly to his balls !! ha
i couldn`t hold myself , i giggled ,
n he shouted at me , GET OUTTA HERE NOW !!!! AND DON`t SHOW ME UR FACE AGAIN ... HEEEHHEEE , i wonder if his balls gone !!!

i came to work drunk as can be..tripping over things boss came up to me and was like walk in a straight line of course i fell over and he was like get ur stuff and dont come back ur fired...

wrong parking spot
I was let go on account I parked in the wrong spot and not where my asshole of a boss wanted me to park.He yelled at me in front customers and staff and made me feel like dirt you walk over...

honesty is the best policy, not when callin in
I had been workin for this company for 2 years almost. And it was my girlfriends 21st birthday, so we all went out....but i was still pretty drunk at 3am when had to be at work at needless to say i called in and said i wouldnt be able to make it....and they asked why...and i said bc i was still drunk. The girl that answered the phone was my age so i figured she would understand. But my office manager soon called me back and said i was no longer employed...great. First time i had ever been fired.

Supermarket Chaos
I worked in a supermarket after school for about 6 months. On fridays a friend and i worked till close time (9pm). One day after we finished work five minutes early we headed out the back to grab our bags and sign out. When we got to the staffroom we found one of the regular cleaners "playing with himself". For the next few weeks at work we gave him absolute hell and constantly laughed at him. One day i was called in to the supervisers office to find that he had layed a sexual harrasment complaint. As i was to embarassed to explain how the whole situation had started i lost my job.

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