Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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worst of them all
i filled the restruarnt with roaches and the resteruant closed down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHHASHAJDHALSKJDHLKSJDH

Batter up.
I (used to) work at an ice cream shop. One day I was drinking with friends and had NO idea I had to be to work in 5 minutes until my co-worker called and told me. So I got one of my sober friends to take me to work. My manager knew I was drunk and wasn't happy so he told me to stay in the dish area that night. Well some of the ice cream was thawing out next to me so I decided to make ice cream balls with frozen ice cream. I saw my manager with a broom later that night and, being drunk, decided to yell "BATTER UP" and threw the frozen ice cream and I ended up hitting him right in the head.

Grocery Store
I worked in the produce department of a grocery store with this really young guy. This kid was the biggest clepto I have ever met, don't get me wrong, most everyone who worked there would grab a bag a chips and pop from time to time and snack on em but this guy would fill garbage bags full of groceries and take them home. Not only that he would steal smokes from behind the customer service desk in the middle of the day when we were fully staffed. He would also load up future shop gift cards for hundreds of dollars and give them to his friends. I warned him several times that he would most likely get caught and that he better tone it down. Im not one to rat people out but I knew someone would eventually considering he bragged to everyone about what he was doing. Well one day I was filling up the apple stand when he came up to me and said he was going on break, of course his backpack was full of stolen product as he went upstairs to the break room. Shortly after I noticed two police officers walk in the store and go upstairs. I had to go check it out so I left my cart of apples and went to see what was going on. By the time I got to the steps he was being taken down them by the two cops in handcuffs. I gave him a look that basically said "I told you so". There were no cameras in this store and I noticed the manager looming around the back rooms so I usume he was caught redhanded.

Going out with style
I was hired at a company supposedly to take somebody's spot, whenever they screwed up enough to get fired. In the meantime I was stuck at a crappy desk job making copies. After a month the guy hadn't gotten fired and I had taken up drinking cuz I was so bored. One day, my bosses daughter came into work, who was smokin hot btw, and I took it upon myself to entertain her. I clocked out at the end of the day and met up with her at a club...eventually bringing her home and...put in some overtime? The next day I woke up late as hell and as I explained to my boss on the phone that my alarm didn't go off due to the fact that 'my cat was playing with the cord and pulled it out of the wall during the night' his daughter busted out laughing. She has a really unique laugh and....well her father recognized it in the background. So the obvious happened and I updated my resume. Best part was, his daughter was the manager at a limo company and...guess who was hired as the newest chauffeur...;)

So I was working in this pet store, right? For nearly 2 years. This pet store was privately owned and the people who owned it lived above the store; the store was basically the bottom floor of their house. Day in and out they'd leave me down there to clean everything--250+ fish tanks, rat cages, bird cages, snake cages, you name it, I cleaned it. I also waited on customers and the only reason they would come down was to wait on customers. I was also the only employee most of the time, or at least the only one there. The family could take off any time they wanted to go to Pigeon Forge or pick up boyfriends or whatever and the one time I asked for a day off I was told no. I'm also a college student and they told me I should have quit in order to work more.

So this one day, my friend comes in to buy some crickets for her lizard. I have one too, so I go to fill our bags. She hadn't said how many she wanted so I got my bag full, figured I had about 4 dollars worth and sealed the bag. She came back and said she'd like 3, so since I was allowed to cut deals, I figured letting my friend have a dollar off wasn't a big deal. Mind you I never count crickets--I was told not to bother and had been working there for almost 2 years. So I fill up another bag for myself and figured I'd pay for whatever I had. I went to leave and turn off lights. I came back and my friend's crickets were missing. She said the boss had come by and said she had too many. I said whatever, and checked her out. I was ready to leave for the day when the boss came back and asked just how many crickets I thought I had in my bag. I figured maybe 5 worth, but he insisted it was 10. So I go gruffly count them out, and was pretty miffed that he was delaying me. So I go to leave finally and he calls me back in and tells me to wait in his daughter's office. I sat silently and listened as he ranted about how I "took food from his family" and "stole" from him. As if the work I did wasn't enough to cover it since he didn't even pay minimum wage! I walked out that night and never went back.

Hehehe 2 Days Working
Well . . i got a job for a paper round really happy thought id stick to it but. . after being showed around sunday and getting ready to get up at 6.00 am next morning i went to the news agent and started doing what i had to do . .my boss helped me. . but he muddled ALL the papers up so i put the papers in my bag not knowing then when i tried posting the papers. . i found out. . luckily i missed only one paper that day . .got home at 7.30 [had a big round] and was knackered got ready for school. . next mornign. . .he muddled them up again . .and so i got my whole bag. . .kept "The Sun" paper and emptied the whole rest. . went home n back in bed. . next day i didnt go in the morning. . i went after school and they fired me. . 2 days of working. . .n they fired me! i was glad i was

garbage garbage everywhere
worked at a pharmacy store...was asked to take out the trash by someone who was not a manager and not above me in any i took all the garbage bags onto the sales floor, ripped a hole in all of them, and spread the garbage everywhere...i didnt even get fired actually, i quit the next day...dumbasses

smart mouth me
i got really mad and could not keep my mouth shut, because some dumb ass was trying to tell me i wasnt doing my job good enough.

Takin it easy
I was working in the nightclub of a hotel not far from my home. I was about 16 at the time and was on very little money so i was never too bothered about the job. i'd start work at 10 on friday and saturday nights. In my opinion this was big time eating into prime social life hours. So i improvised. I used to meet my friends at about 8.30/ 9.00 in the pub and head down to work for ten with a few pints on me. I'd clock in and then head back down to the pub for another hour or so until the club opened. Then id go back up to work with anothr pint or two on me. This one night i decided when i got to work i wasn't in the mood to do anything. So i called a mate of mine, took a few beers out of one of the fridges in the club, went up to the kitchen of the hotel restaraunt and took a lovely cheesecake. My friend then met me in the hotel where i got a key to one of the empty rooms and up we went with out cake and our beers and sat there watching telly. My boss checked the cameras the next day. Needless to say he wasn't too happy.

Don't ask
So the boss was expanding his diner to the building next store. One of the people he hired was a really cool lady. You know the kind that is sweet and would give anyone the shirt off their back. Well the boss was pretty temperamental and went into fits of insanity quite often. Usually involved him yelling, in front of the customers, at an employee. On the day of the firing she was programming the register. As she was waiting on the customer the boss came in and looked distraught. As he passed she patted him on the back, smiled, and asked are you okay. He flung himself around and began screaming at her. All I really caught was "don't ever ask me that again" She turned red and continued out her shift. Later he took her aside and fired her, for nothing more than being a caring employee. So be warned- it does not pay to be nice to your insane boss.

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