Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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Dont Have Sex
I was babysitting my neighbor when my boyfriend,Mark,called and told me that he was coming.This kid would not go to sleep.I finally got him to stay in his room long enough for me to lock it.When Mark got there,we had sex on the couch and while we were putting our clothes back on,the kid came downstairs and saw me and Mark naked.He told his parents and that was the end of my babysitting career

effin myspace
i worked for a animal hospital. they didn't give me a promotion or raise like they promised so i wrote a blog sayin how much i hated the boss and jokingly commented on how i wished the place burnt down. one lady i worked with (who hated me) saw the blog, printed it out and turned it into my boss. i worked a whole day before i even knew...

Boss in Action
I was caught in my own mickey D's when I got caught for sneaking Big Macs in my car. My Co-workers told the state and they fires me.

Fired for helping a customer
Well, I worked at a Hollister store and my boss was nice to me and I was a good employee and all. Well, one day, this lady and her kid come in. The lady asks me, "Excuse me miss, do you have this in size 14/16?", and I say, "I'm pretty sure we do, ma'am. I'll go check." And then the lady throws the shirt at me and yells, "This is the crappiest service ever!" Then she goes into the backroom. When I tell her she's not allowed in there she just curses at me and keeps going, so I called security. Well, she goes into the boss's room and shuts his door and locks it so security can't get to her. I hear some mumbling and then my boss comes out and tells me he's letting me go. When I ask why he says, "This nice lady was asking for a shirt in a different size, but you had to 'go check in the backroom'. I don't want to have my workers dillydallying around customers at all, so scootel your bootel out of here." Scootel your bootel? Wtf?!? Anyways, then I said, "All I did was tell her I'd go check for her, and she just threw the shirt at me and yelled in my face!". He didn't care, so I ripped off my uniform, threw it at him, dumped his cofee on him, then shoved him against the wall and cursed at him a few times, then as I walked by the lady, I slapped her and stormed out of that store cursing in my bra and undies(Thank God I had a hot body), with all these guys starin' and parents covering their kids ears. I slammed the door and walked all the way back to my friend and I's apartment only wearing a bra and underwear. When I got back, all my friend did was stare. I explained what had happened, and she just high-fived me and told me to go get dressed, which I did.

Turns out I got fired cuz when that lady locked the door, she made love with mah boss to get him to fire me.
(Boy she's fast!) teehee

There was a person that I worked with who I would joke with all the time. We were cool, we never had any discrepancies, but this one day he was really annoying me! Im not Racist AT ALL! but I like to joke around a bunch. So I called him a "Fucking Jew". He wasn't mad at me then, but 2 weeks later I got called into the office and was fired. The worst thing is that he wasn't even Jewish!!!!

i was an employee at mcdonalds, and i was sweeping the floor wen i found 20 bucks i took it and fell asleep.

wasnt me
i was working in gap with my friend and i was premoted even though he'd been working there for about a year longer then me, to get revenge he wrote alot of copys of my number and placed them in bra's, unfortunatly my bosses wife bought one of the bra's. my boss came to help her and saw the number, he called it and my phone rang, he thought i was coming on to his wife and fired me

When you gotta go you gotta go
So i was working at a small deli market with a co-worker. It was around noon when we get a lot of customers. We were working FAST as usual, but sooner or later i started to notice that my co-worker would just stand still for a couple of minutes then continue. All of a sudden i smell this HORRIBLE smell. I was thinking that it might've been the meat getting old or rotten.....turns out my co-worker had a HUGE crap stain on his pants. I laughed my butt off and the manager asked me what was wrong. I did not say anything but he looked at my co-workers pants, got really angry, and told him to leave. My co-worker left right at that moment with a huge crap stain out the door while all the customers pointed and laughed. I felt bad, needless to say I never saw him again =(

c-tech camas wa
ok so i started working at this joke of a company two years ago. i started out thinking "this job has potential" but was lied to again and again about raise's, promotion's etc. after busting ass for two years with nothing to show for it(cept for gray hairs) not only did i quit but i would prank call them on various occasions....i think iam gonna right now. lol NEVER WORK FOR C-TECH IN CAMAS WASHINGTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kroger kid Fired
a person i worked with was taking vodka off the shelf and mixing it with water(what a stupid shit) and walking around drinking it...he told people and some1 eventually ratted him out (narc) anyway my boss ask him for a drink of water and he gave him the bottle....i guess u already know what happed.....

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