Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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Fast Food Stinks
So I was working at a fast food restaurant, and I saw this person come in that I couldn't stand, so I spit on his sandwich, but I was caught on camera and fired.

Bad Traffic
I was working for HSN. There was alot of backed up traffic on the highway on my way to work, thanks to a wreck. My cell phone was fucked up so I wasn't able to call in late. I had no choice but to sit it out and I ended up over an hour late. They thought I was a no call, no show, and took me out of the system. All in that one hour! I explained the situation but it didn't matter. It was "my reponsibility" to get to work on time, no matter what.

Burger king
One emploree I cought spiting into the ice michine.. then the cops came and toke him out!!!

Wtf.. with ppl this daysX! =[

two scoop scandle
My friend had been working at her local cinema while at University, she had been there a few monthes when her and a few of her friends decided to go to the cinema on her night off as she could get in for free! she went and got some icecream and her collegue gave her two scoops instead of the insisted ONE! as a result she was fired!! fired over a scoop of icecream! how stupid!!!


Bathroom blues
I had just been hired by a large brokerage concern after entensive interviews and contract negotiations. My 3rd day with the firm was my last however when I stupidly had, get this, burritos for breakfast, tocos for lunch and beans for dinner......don't ask me why. I had dinner at the office as I had a very important client conference in the early evening. Just as my client arrived I excused myself and went to the can as I was expierencing a gaseus feeling in my stomach. Unfortunatley the men's washroom was locked so I used the women's, thinking I was the only employee left. What a fool I was......the client, a woman, took the opportunity to go to the washroom herself, after I had gone in there. This is what she heard when she walked in........."Plffffffffffffffffff, ohhhhhhh, plffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, oh man that's bad, plfffffffffffff, fuck me thats disgusting" Here I was commenting on my own bowel movements while she stood for a good, it must have been, 2 minutes. Well I guess being caught using the women's can while doing a Bob Costas on your own shit routine by the firm's biggest client was to much for them to explain so I was 'canned" if you will.

How convenient!
Alright, so I was working at this convenience store, Needs, and lucky enough for me, my worst enemy from high school was working there with me. Now this guy really thought he was a mastermind, but he was actually a dumbfuck. One day, my best friend walked in to the store to talk to me about a party. But my asshole co-worker started bitching about how I can't hold up lines, and how my friend had to buy something. There was no line, but he bought an 85 cent tic-tac. He gave me 3 quarters, I said it's fine. My co-worker saw it as an opportunity. He was closing up that night, so he shut off the security cameras and robbed the register along with a lot of random shit. The next day me and him were brought to the boss's office, and it turns out he only shut off the security camera in the back room. He didn't know, and he blamed the whole thing on me. He got fired and sued, but the boss also fired me for that 10 cents which was caught on camera. Oops.

Ho's before Bro's
I lived with my female boss. We were good friends and used to party together as well. She started to date this pretty hot guy I had a thing for, but would never act on as he was with her. Anyway she cheated on him, he dumped her and started seeing me. As you can guess, she was pissed and constantly made work and home life hell for me. I was so fed up I threw a huge party at our home ( which her parents owned and we never signed an agreement for )which got totally trashed, and topped it off by her walking into her office the next day to find her ex man giving it to me doggy style on her desk. I was fired on the spot. But totally worth it.

I was working at a tire place and the manager was rushing everyone.I got really pissed and left a wheel loose.
The guy thought it was just a flat tire until it rolled passed him.
Anyway that job sucked.

fired again!
ok so i was working at burger king
and i got caught for eating there sandwiches
so the boss fired me
same thing happened at mickey ds and subways!

Best Way to get Fired
one day the boss called me in eariley. but he only calls me to come in earily. That was probblay the tenth time or so he has called me in.So, I come in all pissed off and he looks at me crazy and I roll my eyes. I am sitting thinking about how I can get fired. Then i come up with a great idea! I wrote the dirtyest note i could think of. i said he was a dick sucking asshole and things like that. I put it on his desk, hide in the bathroom and wait for the intercom to come on and call me to his office. So once I am in the office he tells me i am fired and he said if I don't get out quick enough he was going to sue me.I left out of there quicker and happier than you can say 'YOUR FIRED!'

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