Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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by by birdie
here i was walking into shoprite(my old job) and i wasd sad because of something that happened at boss asked me why was i comming in late. i said that that my cat died that i had every sence i was a chils. then the bitch started to yell at me. so i opened a bottle of water that was still on the shelf ond threw it on her. then ,as a cashier, i opened the register, took all the money out, and threw it not even allowed to go into that store anymore. and she got a restraining order on me because she thinks i going to beat he up or kill her. ha ha. im not allowed within 100 feet from her.

So one day I was working in the doctors office I worked at and my boss called me in and told me I was doing an outstanding job at work and gave me another work day- Monday night 3pm- 11pm! That was the night and time that Dancing with the Stars was on! So I showed up for work and went in to my office- with a mini TV! So I'm like why don't I watch DWTS while I'm working, so I'm there, feet up on my desk, bag of popcorn at hane watching my favorite show. Little did I know that my boss installed a security camera in my office... I was fired the next day!

i was bored, so i lit the cash regester on fire, in result, i was fired, and never allowed to work in a Walgreens in the state of florida. Ever.

The stealing Employee
Well I have this whiny employee who happens to steal from me. One day there was an odd sale and I went and talked to the person whose name it was under. Her name was Coco. So Im talking to Coco and she denies making the sale. I reviewed the paperwork from the past month and found my whiny employee, Sandra, had been ringing things up under all the employees names for her friends. I then reviewed the tapes, showing her ringing up this jackass, Tom, so I confronted her about it. She began to cry then turned all bitch and flipped me the bird. Right infront of a bunch of kids, too. She yelled obscinities and cried more. She then flipped off a bunch of, get this, kids!! I started to laugh as she went around screaming at this old guy. He just happened to be the new boss. She was so fired....As was her accomplice, Wyatt.....He came in the next day and he went to his register. My 13 year old son hated the both of them so he put sugar in Wyatt's gastank....I laughed with him as Wyatt tried to drive home. He got ass-ended by a semi!! After that, our store has been peacefull....For now at least.....

G&B Sucks
I was working at the Subway through G&B in Elkin, NC. My boss was a bitch anyway. I don't think that she wanted me to be hired, but since I had connections, I was.
Anyway, she kept telling me that I would have a schedule in a week, then the next day, and so on. I never knew when I was going to work. She said that she would call if she needed me to come in.
Well, it was Halloween and I had plans to go out with a friend. That night after I already had plans,she calls me and tells me that she wants me to come in. Well, I told her that since she hadn't called me beforehand, I already had plans to go out. And then she said, OK. I go in the next afternoon at 4:30, which is the time she told me to go in, and she says that after talking to her boss, since I was so "unreliable" they didn't need me anymore. I HAD ONLY BEEN THERE FOR 2 WEEKS!!!!!!
The next day, I went to pick up my check, and she flipped me off as I walked out the door.
I went and talked to the woman that had told me about the job in the first place , and told her what had happened, and said that I wasn't the first person that it had happened to. She couldn't promise me my job back, but she said that she would see that Cindy, my boss, was fired.
Fair price to pay, huh?

Rolling Collision
I worked that diner where you serve by wearing roller skates....One day i was carrying this BIG order of like 3 pancake orders and 8 hamburgers!! I had my nose in the air on account of being named employee of the month....I collided with a large guy and down went the tray on my customers........Bye Bye Canal House...

Well, I had a really hot boss. She was always calling me into her office. Asking me about work and stuff. Well she invited me over to her home for dinner one time. When I walked in music was playing and I was the only one there besides her. I asked her where everyone was. She said they couldn't come. There she said she can be very bad. Of course I love bad girls. So I was like Hell ya. So we started making out. Then the next day at work she called me into her office. And asked me to go in the bathroom with her to make out and I said yes. That day it was inspection day and one of the other employees walked in and screamed. Then I got fired. But that boss was hot.

Never make out at work
Once I worked at a market and this cute guy and I Snook in one of the stalls in the bathroom to make out and the boss caught us and we both got fired. One time before that we made out So much we were in there for an hour making out and did not get caught.

10 cents my @$$
Well it started off like this. One of the managers that i worked for didn't like me too too much. I don't know why, everyone else did, just not her. I worked as a cashier at a pharmacy. So in the end.. one day i got called at home by her and she said, I'm sorry but we will need to find a new cashier. I asked her politely why, and she toled me, because you were TEN CENTS off on your cash's float. I hung up and cried so hard, i wanted to seriously go back there and kick some booty. Sadly, the manager that had fired me wasn't there when I had brought back my uniform so my feelings for her are still, "in the dark"

I was working with a friend (who I will keep secret) at a dim light fancy pancy type place. Someone was having a birthday party, and me and him had to do the stupid dance. any way, he tried to give the girl a pair of ballons, but he let go and they got caught up in the lights (wich have shaders so the ballon was rubbing up against the light). He said not to worry and he would bring her another one. 2 hours later...Half of the restraunt was on fire! Know what he did, of course, blame it on me! I was then fired after scraping the ashes out of my bosses office.

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