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What a great reason to get fired!!
I went in for an interview on a Saturday morning and 8 minutes later I had the job.. I worked there a total of two days when I get a voicemail saying that I was being let go because "it wasn't going to work out". I went in to speak with one of the managers and she told me I caught on really fast and I was friendly to the customers yet her boss didn't think I was going to work out. Nice huh? Needless to say no one I know will ever go there again. ;-)

taxes away
well i worked disney about 6 months... untill election time. florida was well over due for a raise in minimum wages, so when the people voted, and the raise was confirmed, disney, just because they are cheap,"fired" (not downsised) hundreds of employees including me even though i worked my butt of for that company without the much needed complaint... AND ALL BECAUSE ID ONLY BEEN THERE 6 MONTHS! - BASTARDS!

Touch my book, and I will tackle you! D:<
So, I was working one day at a Nursing Home, and we have only 5 minute breaks every hour. I usually didn't get a break, and that ticked me off. I had to do everything else that otehrs were too lazy to do or just left something to take their break. The one day, well, my 2nd week, I FINALLY got a break! I'm a real bookworm, so I decided on my break, I would have a snack and read. I was reading a book that I really loved, and I got completly mesmorized in it. My break was SO much longer than 5 minutes. I didn't even realize I had been out there for about 40 minutes. One of the people I work with came outside to find me sitting there, reading my eyes out. He ripped the book out of my hand, doing so, he ripped out the page I was reading. My imediate reaction was jump to my feet, jump on him, knock him over, and get my book back. When I got up, I felt satisfied and at the same time apologetic! Not knowing what to do I helped him up, and ran inside tucking my book into my pocket! About 3 hours after that, my boss comes up to me, saying one of the people saw me tackle that guy, and I was fired. BUT WAIT!
There was a happy ending!
The guy I tackled, he and I got together, guess what? I'M ENGAGED!
Works not all that bad after all! xD

HUGE douche
I used to work at a restaraunt that did pretty well. The hours were good, the job was easy, and I made $12 an hour. On my 3rd shift there, I discovered why my boss had hired me. This asshole had hired me because he wanted to fuck my mom. So, realizing I would have to do something serious just to get fired, I started testing him. My first little attack, I walked up to him, sneezed in his face, and told him I was going home early. Didn't get fired for that. My next strike, I showed up and did not a damn thing. I sat down, helped myself to the kitchen, and did not a damn thing. My boss only stared. At this point I had pretty much proven to myself his reasons for hiring me in the first place, so I walked up to him, spit in his face, said "I quit" and walked out

Girls Just Wanna Get Paid
Hi, my name's Helena, I'm seventeen years old and here's my firing story.
Aight so I'm really' genius-level smart. So I skipped a couple grades, and graduated early in 2006 (at sixteen years old). Last summer I decided I would get a job to pay for my shit, since I could work more than someone else, and start college in September 2007 (which means I started college this week). I got a really good job, fifty bucks an hour, not too hard for even an average person. I began working there July 10th, and I really liked it, except for one HUGE problem: All my superiors were racist, sexist, ageist jackasses--and ugly to boot! So they made me, a young, attractive Latina (but I didn't tell them that--I'm too tall and pale to be Mexican. -rolls eyes-) with an hourglass figure dress in as little as possible. I didn't mind; my stretch marks from three years ago had disappeared, and I'd wished I could pull off the same miniskirts, shorts and low-cut tops that my friends wore. So then, instead of being self-conscious and standing up for myself, I did what any other tan, blonde skank would do: Happily oblige.
I'd worked as a "plus-size" model recently before, so the clothes (or lack thereof) didn't bother me. One time, I had to wear a see-through blouse--without a bra! But I got over it because they were paying me very good money, as was the case here.
(Now, if you may have noticed, this is a long story, but it's also a good one.)
But it didn't stop there. Sometimes they would cat-call to me, but that always happen when I wore heels, so I thought nothing of it. Then, the comments got a bit racier. When my boss first crossed the line from "Mee-ooow..." (yes, he would say stupid shit like that) to "Your boobs look especially bouncy today, Jenna" (that was my porn-star nickname to those pervy fogies), I just stopped in my tracks (not a good idea, cough-cough) and said, "Excuse me, Peter?" (I was told to call them "Mister," but I decided to not only address him for once, but by his first name) and he just went fucking bonkers! He told me to come into his office, which was all but sound-proof, and started shrieking at me like there was no tomorrow. I couldn't get a word in--not even if I tried to--and five minutes later, with his face between tomato and eggplant, he opened his door and shoved me through it. EVERYONE was even more silent than usual and stared at me for ten seconds and when I finally blushed (and I almost never blush!) they turned away and went back to work...slowly. I went back to my desk, embarrased like I was naked (and I almost was) and went back to what I was working on before, instead of going to the bathroom, like I was going to before "Mister" got pissy with me. Then he was just looking at what I was doing (or was it me? I was trying to ignore him) and when I got up to go to the bathroom thirty minutes later because even I can't hold it that long--and if I thought my tank was full before!! So I got up. But Peter shoved me back into my chair (to my pain and his enjoyment, if you know what I mean) and demanded to know where I was going. I told him, and he allowed it, but he followed me almost into the ladie's room. I went, washed my hands, dried them, and came out. Then, he gave me once-over like I was a Hyundia at CarMax and he was a a salesman about to make a sale. He said, "Go." and I went back to work. At the ens of the day, I asked to change (I would be sooo embarrased if my parents or friends saw me in that shit!) And leave and I did. He followed me on the way to the door, and just before pushing the door open myself, and cursed at the bastard under my breath in Spanish. I guess he could recognize non-English phrases, so this time it was the old fucktard who wanted clarification. I said "Nothing," and with the ugliest sneer I'd ever seen on his face, reluctantly let me go because there were too many witnesses (three) for him to rape me or whatever. When I came to work early next day, he told me to go home, and come the next day. I said okay, and explained to my parents that I had a day off and went to shop with my friends, who wouldn't believe my modified story (imagine if they knew the truth!). So I came in the next day, early again, and straight away he told me to come in his office. When we were in, he slammed me on the floor and screamed that I was fired for being a "dirty, scandalous, stupid beaner wetback." (Which is the funniest part because my Latina friends and I had this joke that I'm like Carlos Mencia in the respect that I'm the "Whiter, wettest wetback"--I'm Venezuelan, a.k.a. South American.) So when he was done with his rant and now just straight-up violet, I got up, regained my balance, and cussed him all the way out to the Persian place two city blocks away (metaphorically) and to some dude who was out on lunch break's desk (literally, him on the table and me shouting in his face till our eye jellies almost touched). Which felt DAMN good. Then I pulled him up by his collar and translated for him, which he certianly did not like, and I did. (A lot of Latinos have veeery hot tempers, as do I.) In fact, I loved it. It wasn't as good as making out with my hot, smart boyfriend, because when I'm just in his arms I'm euphoric, but it got pretty close considering. The best part was when I punched him, changed as fast as I could in a bathroom stall, and then threw that skanky shit in his still-shocked face. "This is what you get when you mess with a Latina, you motherfuckin' retard jackass! Then I shoved him onto the floor like he did to me and stormed out of there. All my co-workers were righteous dudes and chicks (no matter how flat their asses are, ha-ha) so when I was almost out I could hear them cheering for me. That asshole was sooo pissed! All that harrasment for three months was worth it 'cuz of what I got to do with him. Apparently ALL those asswipes got fired 'cuz I finally complained, and apparently, they had done an illegal background check, too! They offered me the job back a while after, but I politlely declined, because that ex-shithole brings back a-little-less-than-so-so memories. And, plus, one of my friends who still works there (told you it was a good job!) told me that no one would hire my boss!
Right now the only jobs I have are modeling ones, but I enjoy that more than having to wear a Hooters uniform all day. -laughs-

It's my day off
I was an Assistant Manager at Subway for a year when my boss totally threw me for a loop. Ok, so it's my day off....what am I going to do????? Well the stuff that I couldn't do because I was working!!!! So it's my one and only day off because on my other day off I got called in to cover a shift. So I start my day by writing a grocery list, throwing in some laundry, the mundane tasks that a normal work week won't allot, then I head to the grocery store. Little to my knowledge, all hell was breaking loose at Subway. People calling out left and right. So I am at the grocery store shopping away... while at home.... the phone is ringing non-stop. When I am done I get home to find that there are 10,000 messages on my machine. They needed some one to cover the 3pm-10pm shift well by this time it is 3:30pm, so I call Subway to make sure that they are ok... no answer.. I try again... no answer. So I put away my groceries, and finish the rest of said tasks, and start my dinner. No one called again that night. I go into work the next day and the Store Manager tells me that the Boss wants to talk to me when she gets there, I think she told me just to mess with my head. Then the Boss gets there and tells me that she is going to have to let me go because I wasn't reliable. NOT RELIABLE!!!!! I covered a shift that week... let alone all the doubles I pulled because she enforced the "Well you're already here" rule. I think I was wrongfully let go! It's ok though because I have a job that makes me happy and pays well...maybe I should buy a Subway and put her out of business.... It's a thought!

never come back
So my buddy was working at a full service car wash and we were really slow so our boss went up to him and asked if he wanted to go since we were slow he replied yes so as he was walking away the boss said you know what actually why dont you never come back

Get your life together
I worked at a local grocery store for 3 years. Of course there were some rough times, some I could've gotten fired for, but I always got off safely.

However, this whole summer has kinda jeopardized my job in a way. I started making up excuses to get out of work, such as a funeral out of state for a great-grandparent that didn't even exist. Then when I got a new job, I abruptly resigned from the store without any prior notice, but got my job back a week later. Then recently I've started to sleep in way too long and arrive at work late. In the last month I had been scheduled a few days that I had something going on, but stupid me forgot to call off and I got one suspension.

Now I go into the store on a Monday, just as I'm about to start the store manager sees me and takes me aside to have a word with me. I was supposed to have worked the previous Friday, and I did recall having been scheduled, but once again, a case of no-call-no-show. He mentions that I've really been out there and wonders what's going on. I tell him that there's a trillion things on my mind and I've been focusing a lot on getting situated with going back to school. (Note that the following Thursday was supposed to be my last day.) But I guess it was one no-call-no-show too many, because he told me to get my life together, and that I was done for the time being. Then he shook my hand and wished me luck with school. Idk if that was his way of saying I was fired, but I'm guessing it was, even though I wasn't specifically told. It just felt cold and unceremonious. But it wasn't a big deal as I only had a few days left anyhow, and I was trying to get out of that hellhole for so long.

Oh My God What A Bi***
I was working at this "New" (it's been here for like 2 years now) little family owned resturaunt called Boo's Market...anyway i was employed there for like 2-3weeks at the most...i was very dependable worked doubles and even took over the waitressing jobs too! i was originally a deli person...(it's a deli/convenience store/resturaunt) anyway i never asked off never called out nothing! well one night after 3 days of overtime i got a call from my mom she had fallen and broken her leg at her job and needed me home to help her out with stuff...and with me my family ALWAYS comes first...well there was 2 managers to this place and they were married well the first manager was cool with me leaving 2 hours was the man....and before i left his wife...manager #2....came in and asked me why i was leaving early so i told her what happened and she said...get this..."This job is more important than your lame mother...if you HAVE to leave then don't come back." and i was fired on the i took my apron off and was fixing to clock off and the guy came over and asked me what i was doing and i told him what his wife said to me and that she had fired me...well he got pissed and started yelling at her and telling her it was HIS buisness and SHE had no right firing me...cause he had let me go....well he came back over to me and asked if i wanted to stay...i told him he cool i had no problem with him or any of the other ppl there (they were ALL friends of mine who stuck for me too) but i wasn't gonna stay if she was gonna continue to help run the place....he said sorry to see you go.
even better i got 200.00 extra on my last pay check and somehow his wife was 200.00 short on hers!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Too Good To Work,
I worked for a company that sold office suppies via the phone. My manager had the job she hired me for and was pleased she was promoted. The first day I started I was kickin butt. My sales number continued to grow. At the end of the first pay period I was told that I was the first employee ever to sell enough to get bonus pay. My newly appointed boss never even achieved this. As she handed me my check she told me I was fired. She said I worked hard to get where I am and I am not about to loose my job to a new person. I said you can't do that and went to the company owner who said sorry she makes the decisions for that department. I found out later he was having an affair with her. I went their competitor and started working there. After six months I became manager and needed to hire more workers to keep the volume up. Guess who came in for an interview? Thats right, the lady who fired me! I gave her the job....for two weeks!

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